Monday, May 10, 2010

Here are some pics of our Mother's Day celebration. I think my Mom had a really good day. Her, whatever he is, I guess her boyfriend, came up for the weekend. I made a nice brunch. All us kids, except Lily, of course, were present. And I got her a necklace she had mentioned she wanted for Mother's Day.
It must have been February when she pointed it out in a catalog that we have delivered to our house. I remember having made a mental note at that moment that it would be the perfect gift for the occasion. I was determined that was what we had to get her. But once May came around the original catalog was long gone. Of course I should have kept it hidden away in a safe place; or better yet, ordered it right away and kept the necklace itself hidden until the special day. But I'm not organized enough to carry out either one of those practical plans. No, I waited until the very last minute and was very lucky to have found the exact necklace online. I had to pay a little extra in order to insure that it would be here in time. But it was totally worth it because I think she was really happy that I remembered it.

This is a close-up of our table on Sunday. I stole some of the lilacs from our neighbor's yard at five-thirty that morning. I really hope they didn't see me. I had meant to do it the night before but I fell asleep waiting for my mom and Larry to go to bed. Then I snagged some more for a big bouquet that I put in the living room adjacent to the dining room. They were so beautiful and fragrant, the scent filled both rooms.
And lastly, this a picture of my Mom herself on the big day. I think she was happy. Of course for her it would all have been better if Lily had been there. She is the only person in the world who can be treated like shit by that girl time and again and she still sees her as an angel. I don't think I'll ever be able to accept that fact. But I'll keep trying.

All I can really do is do what I know is right and try to be okay with myself. And I feel really good about all the effort I put into celebrating an important day for her. I can only be me, right? I can't be my sister or my brothers or Mikey or my father. They are them and they are responsible for their own actions.

I hope everyone else had a good day.


Jeannie said...

Your Mom certainly looks pleased and she should be. The table looks beautiful.

Nellie said...

Thanks Jeannie - Good to hear from you. Sorry it's been so long on my end. Flaky me.

Jeannie said...

I was going to answer your questions on my own comments but for some reason, your comments weren't showing up on my blog even though I got them in my email. Weird huh?

You are right - my husband DOES persevere. He takes risks. And above all, he simply tries where others tell themselves they can't win anyway so why bother trying. He has an attitude that he deserves to win - his confidence tips the balance quite often I think.

Yes, those are my drawings. I'm not good enough to commission yet as it's rather hit or miss whether I'll do any particular one well.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

The crown is a cute idea. You are a good kid. Glad to finally hear from you. I still check your blog nearly daily.

Love you!

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VV is the shit
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