Saturday, July 17, 2010

Humanity is just so disappointing. I'm shocked, daily, by how stupid and thoughtless people are. I question regularly how people justify regulating the world the death. Why do some people think they need to protect adults from themselves? I am able to make my own choices. I am able to decide what is right for me. I do not need a parental official telling me to wear my seat belt, don't smoke, raise your children like this, act this way or we'll punish you. Why do so many people want everyone to be the same? I just don't get it. Why are so many people so scared to be different? Scared to stand up for self-expression? Scared to question the status quo? It's sad. It's pathetic. It's scary.


Jeannie said...

It is. They say that with evolution, being the same meant survival for the tribe or whatever. Different meant the tribe wasn't as strong. I like different but I fear upsetting the ones with power. One of those things I'm not proud of.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I agree. What brought this on? Just curious.

Love you.

Nellie said...

You guys are awesome. I love it. You both always, always, always have something constructive to say. You make me smile, without fail. I am so grateful to you both.

I love Jeannie and SB!!!!!

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VV is the shit
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