Thursday, September 23, 2010

I finally got a job. So it's only at Dunkin' Donuts, but so what. It's better than nothing and they're the only place that's called me back at all (well, the chocolate shop, but they only need part-time. And I need full-time so I can get out of here) so I'm taking it. And the guy who interviewed me was the son of the family who owns, like, all the DD's in the area and he was very nice. So that's a really good sign. I've learned that it's important to like your boss, and I think as far as bosses go he's alright. He seemed easy going but on top of things. And it's a brand new store so it's wicked clean. And it's not really a very busy location. I live in kind of the middle of nowhere so it probably won't be the worse job I've ever had. The owner said he would try to work around me taking classes, within reason. That's important.
I'm a little worried about coming off the methadone while I'm working. But I'm going to do what I can to get on some sort of anxiety medication which should help me get through work. And maybe I'll even get some sleep. The thing about a job like this is that I can't smoke on the job. Once I'm making some money I'll be paying for me own methadone and maybe I'll have enough eventually to go to the doctor who gives my mom and my sister their meds. I just want some ativan or something.
Anyhow, for some reason I don't really feel well. I think I'm dizzy from the release of stress from knowing I have a job finally. I'm gonna chill while I still can. I already went to the clinic this morning, than the beach for almost two hours. I go swimming almost every day even though it's super cold. I wish I had known how close the beach was all summer.


Boston Joe said...

hey, congrads on the job! I have respect for all people who want to work and work, who cares if it is DD, there is a need for workers in DD. At least you are not some deadbeat like Obama's freakin aunt rightm but I digress, LOL!!
Don't stress about coming off the done... It sucks no doubt, but if you can get some sleep meds and anx. meds I have heard it is not too too bad. I never did it but I have heard it is really similar coming off long term sub which I have done and although it sucked, was really not that bad. Good luck and hang in there, next time I am up that way maybe I will see you in DD since I still am and always will be a coffee junky!! LOL!!

Jeannie said...

Congrats! A job is a job - and you can always keep an eye open for something better - it's much easier to get hired when you are already employed.

Before getting on "chemicals" that may have addictive qualities as well, try GABA & maybe 5HTP...melatonin or other natural mixtures for sleep (maybe an over the counter sleep aid for those really bad nights or getting started). My DIL used these to get off Paxil which she took for anxiety and it worked very well for her.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Congratulations, dear friend! Excellent. You're on your way to your own living space.

I envy you the beach. I miss the ocean so. Haven't been for years.

Love you, Nellie. So happy for you!

Verity Vaudeville said...

Congratulations lovely, that's wonderful news. I just got another job today myself, so know how you feel.

All you need now is time to take it for granted :P


Sarcastic Bastard said...

Thinking of you. How is the job going? Do you like it?



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