Thursday, November 19, 2009

Yippee! I got the Job!!!! Thank You!!

Well, I don't know how you guys did it....anyone who knocks the power of group prayer is just whack.....because I got the job!!!! Thank You! Although I really hope SB's roof did not cave in in the process!!

I'm sorry I made you all play the waiting game w/me. I so thought, after the interview, that I had it in the bag pretty much. But then the guy didn't call, like, for days. And I figured maybe someone said something crappy about me or something. That sometimes happens, you think someone is your friend, or that you got along with an employer and it turns out they secretly hate you. Well, actually, that only happened once and I was too hurt and shocked to ever ask the person what the hell happened(a story for another time. If I don't hurry this post along I'll be in the emergency room for burning the skin off my upper lip with Nair. oooh, gross, I know). But I guess the guy just takes his sweet ass time making a decision. But good things come to those who wait. Does is matter that I couldn't eat or sleep while waiting? No.

I'm going in tomorrow to work some training hours because I can't start full-time for two weeks because I need to give notice at my other job. But I'm going to see what it's like tomorrow just to make sure there's not something about it that I hate before I ditch my other job permanently. I'm sure it will be a better fit for me than where I am either way. But the owner, Matt, the one who hired me is a little off, I guess you could say. He's nice but seems VERY picky and manipulative. But those are not necessarily traits I can't work with, I mean, can't we all be that way sometimes. He is not paying me as much as I thought he would either. In the interview he said I would be making more because of the responsibility, but now he wants to only pay me eight-fifty until he "sees what I'm capable of". That is fair as long as once he sees I'm good he doesn't play games with me, putting off paying me what I'm worth. I'll accept it until I'm trained but if I'm doing ordering and having that type of responsibility, I think I should get at least the ten I was making before. I just hope he isn't taking advantage of the fact that I'd do almost anything to not have to work nights anymore. Oh, well, I'm not going to stress over it too much because even if he sucks after all and the pay is crap, at least I won't be giving myself cancer from fucking up my circadian rhythms and lack of sunlight, not to mention the massive exposure to exhaust fumes for twelve hours at a time. I think it's really important to support small, privately owned health food stores, so at least I can have pride in what I do.

Anyhow, sorry I was avoiding posting. I was SO embarrassed thinking I didn't make the cut as a frickin grocery stocker/cashier. What a loser!!! I was telling myself that I was just too lazy to post but really I didn't want to admit, publicly, that I was a failure. It's not as if I was applying to work for NASA, you know? I guess that makes clear just how paranoid and self-loathing I truly am.

Thank you all for your positive thoughts, I do really believe there is power in positive though, or prayer if that suits you better. I think the guy was on the fence about me, and whatever pushed him over to me side...I'm grateful. I think this job has the potential to improve my life. On that note, I'll finish up right now because I need to get ready to go to TJ Maxx to get a new outfit for my first day at my new job, well, sort of first day anyhow. Oh, think of all the excuses to buy new clothes!! And I might get my nails painted. I'd like a haircut but I'll probably need to make an appointment somewhere.

Yippee!!! To!!! Me!!!


Lisa said...


: D

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Congratulations, Nellie! HOORAY!!!

So happy for you. My roof is still on.

Love, SB.

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VV is the shit
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