Monday, April 13, 2009

Boyfriends Suck Sometimes

I have to vent this current frustration which is a recurring irritation in my life. I imagine there are many women out there who have experienced similar issues with their men. My boyfriend and I work for the same company doing different jobs, I work the inbound and outbound security entrances and he works in the warehouse. So thankfully we don't have to actually work together hour after hour. But we do have to share a ride there and back because we only have one car and I don't have a license. Herein lies the shitty part; we work different days and different hours. And since we both work long days as it is, it makes it hard to get ample sleep on work days.
On the days we do share, Mike often gets out a few hours earlier than I do. On such days he tries to get a few extra hours sleep by driving home and crashing until I get out. So this morning was one such opportunity. So he gets out and stops by my shack to let me know he's done and taking off. But he didn't grab the one set of house keys and I didn't notice until he calls from the apartment all pissed about it. Now I don't think it's my responsibility to remind him to take the keys. Of course if I had noticed they were on the table I would have said something. But he's a grown man, he knows there is one set of keys for the new place still, but nonetheless he calls and in a very accusatory tone says, "I suppose you have the keys there?" And I'm like, "Oh, crap, yeah. What are you going to do?" And he replies by moping and swearing. And then I lay the options down, like, you can stay there and break in if you are able, or you can drive back the ten minute drive or less and get the keys. "But", I say "I cannot beam them to you, so make up your mind, I have to work." And what does he do? Hangs up on me. What the fuck? Seriously. Grow Up, Guys Everywhere - Take Responsibility!!!
Obviously he ends up driving back here to get the stupid keys. And he just grabs them and roars off. As if stomping on the car now is going to make him get the last half hour back. I guess he's not so concerned about the car breaking down at the moment.
And although I am annoyed, I'm not feeding into this bullshit. He'll have gotten over it by the time he has to pick me up. But I still shouldn't have to be dragged through his crap at all.

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Robb said...

.. ah, you'll only be "dragged thru his crap" if you let him take your hand.
.. We boys are continually of the self-centered sort. The world is our oyster and when it doesn't give us our f**king pearl, watch out!!
.. Be annoyed. Nuttin wrong with that. Just remember, as Forrest Gump's momma usta say, "Stupid is as stupid does". I usually just replace "stupid" with the name of the person who's ticking me off, and suddenly it ain't so bad.
.. Smile, girl. Spring is here, tho' there may be one last snowful gasp from ol' man Winter left. And thanks for your kind words on my blog. They certainly helped to make me smile!
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