Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dogs Bark

I've been glorifying the past lately. I'm sure some of the memories are worthy of their rosy glow, however, reading over an old journal earlier leads me to believe I may be deluding myself on some level. The past I'm remembering is pre-heroin and I don't really know why I'm thinking about it now unless it has something to do with feeling I may have squandered some of the years where we are able to get away with doing whatever we want.

Finally moved into new apartment. Moved all weekend and then some and now live in a small, one bedroom place with boxes piled everywhere and not able to find anything until all is put away. I wrote a note to the people who live above us and I said hello and that we just moved in and that it would probably take a few weeks for our dogs to adjust to the new situation. I wrote that they could call us on our cell if there were any problems with them being annoyed with the dogs. But I didn't really expect them to call, mostly because our dogs aren't really bad. They grew up living in apartments and we never had any complaints about them. People may not like us but they don't usually have an issue with the dogs. But anyway, I wanted to be polite and give them our number just in case mostly so that they would call me before the landlord or the police. So, anyway, this is the first night we have had to work and leave them alone there. They've been there for two nights with us already. And at about ten-thirty the girl from upstairs called to say the dogs were barking too much and could we quiet them down so she could sleep, having to work at six-thirty in the morning she kept saying. She sounded totally pissed. And I was like, "They're barking? Oh, well, I'll see what I can do, we're at work so it'll be a few minutes before I can get there." And she was just like, "Okay". And she hung up. So I'm sitting here in my little shack wondering what the fuck I should do about this, why the hell did she have to call, I wish I didn't answer the phone, she would have to eventually just fall asleep. But I did answer. So I went in the warehouse and paged Mike and he asked his boss if he could drive home for a minute to check. So Mike drives all the way back to our place and the dogs weren't even barking. So he called the girl back (I'd call her by name but she didn't introduce herself) and she was all, "Oh, they're being quiet now, it was just probably because my husband was downstairs smoking a cigarette." And she told him not to bother checking on them if it was just going to work them all up again. But why the hell did she really need to call? I mean to me she was saying they had been barking for two hours and couldn't stress enough how she had to sleep. I would not hesitate to use the word bitch when thinking of the impression she made. But then Mike talks to her and she's all nice and it's no longer a problem. What the fuck is that? Anyway, I just really don't want to have problems with anyone in this place. I know the dogs will settle down eventually, if they were even being that loud. But when it really comes down to it, we live in a building with other people, the landlord allows animals, there is going to be noise - it's an old farmhouse, for real, get used to it. I mean, we work at night so we have to listen to everyone all day long. And today they were listening to some shitty pop music station and using some whirring machinery. Maybe they should buy a device to simulate the sound of the ocean or crickets or something to lull them to sleep.

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VV is the shit
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