Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I'm one of those people who has no sense when it comes to budgeting or money management. So I do not plan ahead when it comes to grocery shopping and therefore I buy my groceries almost daily. I buy what I want to eat for that day and that's it. Therefore I was at the grocery store the other morning as the NH State police were conducting an investigation into a police shooting which happened in the plaza last week. The po pos did the shooting, though no one was killed this time.

I know police put themselves in danger for what they believe to be the betterment of society but I feel as though they often use unnecessary force. Apparently this guy, who I don't know personally though he happened to work at the same facility as I do, was driving like an asshole around Keene the other morning during rush hour. He was obviously high and driving the wrong way down the road and over curbs and shit but wasn't being violent in the sense that he was crashing into things like people or other cars, and he did not have a firearm. He drove into a shopping plaza which also contains the state police barracks and it seems like he intentionally tried to incite them by doing high speed donuts in their parking lot. It's clear by his criminal record that he has a dislike for law enforcement. They were pissed and attempted to stop him by setting up a road block. But they used only one cruiser to block him which seems sort of half assed to me as there is tons of room where they happened to be and there's no way one cop car was going to be effective. So the one female officer (women cops always have something to prove and, in my opinion, are way worse to deal with than male cops) decided to get out of her car, walk towards the oncoming vehicle, assumed a shooting stance and proceeded to fire three shots at the drivers side of the pickup the man was driving. She hit the vehicle but not the driver. Not more than a mile down the road, the now even more hysterical and disoriented man then head on collided with a bus.
Because people shopping in the plaza at the time felt threatened by the shots fired and felt as if the action was unnecessary, the officer is claiming that she thought the man was going to hit her and she was trying to stop him. However, eyewitnesses say that he was trying to avoid her and they were more scared by her firing than anything else.
Now, obviously this man was wrong to be driving around like a reckless jerk, but did she need to draw her weapon? Shouldn't that be a last resort? Especially in a crowded shopping plaza? I think she should at least be suspended and required to obtain more training in the use of deadly force.
A lot of people around here agree with me. But a lot don't. I just don't understand how people can unquestioningly accept the actions of police officers no matter what. The fact is that even "good" cops abuse their power to some extent, it's only human nature to relish the feeling of control. I don't blame them. But we as a society need to keep them in check. And if we don't put the smack down on shit like killing reckless drivers then we may as well just dress in sheep costumes and walk ourselves to the slaughterhouse.
So people speeding should now be killed because they are endangering the lives of others? What about running a stop sign? What if you don't notice the blue lights behind you soon enough for the copper's liking? Can he shoot you and say you failed to stop for him?
The fact is, this man was wrong and so was the cop.
Anyone who says you must be a criminal if you're afraid of the police is a fucking moron. You don't have to be doing anything wrong. It's your word against theirs, and unless you're one savvy motherfucker, you're gonna lose.
Cops are like Communism; if the system worked the way it was intended to it would be perfect. But human flaws will always ruin it and turn it into something scary it is not meant to be.


I liked this site because I think they have a good message. We do need to police our police. Officers are undereducated and under trained and it's not fair to us or them.


Jeannie said...

Your cops there are far scarier than ours here. There will always be people who abuse their positions of authority. Cops happen to be among the few who can abuse physically. If the cops are scarier there, it might be because the people are scarier there too. I don't know anyone who owns a gun here - besides farmers who use them to shoot groundhogs and such. I can't really see how cops might not be a bit skittish. The guy was egging on the police - obviously - and refused to stop - who's to know what his next step would be? I'm not saying the female cop was right - you are correct that they tend to be worse than the men (but they also have to put up with fellow cops who don't think they should be cops and really do have to prove they're tough enough). I don't think this situation was going to end well no matter what she did though.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I agree, Nellie. But I have to admit I enjoyed the mental image of the driver doing doughnuts at the cop shop and running over curbs and shit. Ha.

Love you,


SICKGIRL said...

I finally learned to budget after years of messing up, and it has been such a relief. Don't despair as it is never too late!

Ah, police and their treatment of the public...mixed feelings on this topic especially in light of my husband's severe beating and stabbing last year. I live in a mid sized city in southwestern Ontario, Canada so i suspect that our force just by its location and this city's mentality, would by no way even begin to approach the toughness of American cops.

Also, although this is off topic, if you'd like to get copies of the two Brett Easton Ellis films I mentioned in my last post, drop me an email and I can make arrangements to get copies to you - either through the mail or through a link for you to download from my server. Just let me know at sick.girl.1964@gmail.com

peace, love and happiness...

Nellie said...

Thank you all for your replies. I agree with all of you that Canadian cops are probably a little nicer than American cops since Canadians in general are nicer people all around in my experience. Geez, I'd move there if it wasn't so damn cold all winter long. And I agree that women cops do have to deal with a lot more crap from fellow officers and that's a whole other issue in itself - I just wish the public didn't get the backlash, you know?
And that guy probably did deserve some heavy duty smack down for pulling that shit, but shot at? There's a video online of his arraignment and he keeps repeating, obviously shocked, that he was shot at and plans to press charges on the officer who shot at him.

SB - I think we may have the same sickish sense of humor because I too enjoyed the image of him ripping around the cop lot, even though it was probably really not cool w/the po po. HA!

Sarcastic Bastard said...

We definitely have the same sense of humor. No doubt.

Love you,


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