Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Just some more of my Least Favorite things..

There is a whole yard in which these guys can park their little tractors and sit there staring into space. Why do they need to park like 25 ft in front of me and stare at my shack and therefore at me? Get a life. I feel as if they are spying on me. It's an invasion of privacy if nothing else. Since they have no authority over me there is no need for them to be surveying my work. Buzz off I say.
I am hungry and I want to smoke one first. It's my routine. Even if I'm starving I'll wait to eat until I can smoke first because the food just doesn't taste the same without a good, relaxing puff first. And I've got my little hands on some serious headies tonight. Skunky yum-licious.
Speaking of skunks...I've never really seen one super close..until the other night. My dogs started barking at about 3am and I'm all "Shut up, it's the middle of the night and people are trying to sleep!" but they just wouldn't give it up. So I was forced to check out the situation and come to realize that a huge skunk was attacking my trash right outside my door on my deck. I haven't had any wild animal issues all summer so I was surprised to find them out and about now. But that thing was huge but with such a tiny little face, It's tail was bigger than the whole rest of its body. It didn't spray me though. Not even when I opened the door and tried to scare him off.

Aaahhh! Seriously, this guy needs to bug off. What makes them think that I am okay with them sitting there watching me like I'm a fucking monkey at the zoo. It's really, really annoying. Doesn't he have, like, work to do already? Maybe he'll get the picture if I pull all the shades down. Then I can't see what's going on around me and I don't like that either. But really, there's so many other places for him to go. Or even face the other direction. It's just weird, I don't like it. And I get really bitchy if I wait too long to eat when I'm hungry. So I'm liable to do something nutty soon.
For the record, I hate being watched, especially while I'm eating. That's not to say I eat only when alone. I just don't appreciate being stared at, studied, each rotation of my jaw on display. And I hat being rushed. I never like to be rushed. I forget things and can't take time to appreciate what I'm doing when I'm strapped for time. Having to cozy up to a shrub and sneak small hits as fast as possible is not satisfying. Sure, I'm stoned because the weed is good. But I'm not content. This dude and his choice of parking spot is a monkey wrench in my night. I hate him right now. I probably won't like him later either, even when he's punched out and gone home he'll still annoy me.

Hours after I originally began writing this post....about 3:30 am
Very, very tired right now. No more than four hours of sleep a night since Sunday. WTF? That's just not right. But working 12 hr shifts it is so difficult to fit in enough hours for sleep. By the time I get home, take the dogs out, take a shower, clean up the house a bit, make breakfast and eat it's at least ten or eleven. And that's on a good day. Most days don't go that smoothly. I'm so tired, almost so tired that I don't even want to make the effort required just to smoke. Now that's tired. I'm so tired that I'm not hungry because it takes to much energy to be hungry and then to eat. It's all I can do to simply stay sitting upright with my eyes open at least halfway.

Around 4:40-ish I begin to wake up a little. Just more proof that people are not really meant to live nocturnally. I've noticed that as the days get shorter and it stays dark out longer, I am tired longer into the morning. The sun doesn't really brighten the sky until almost five-thirty or six these days. And it's practically dark when I get here at seven in the evening now. Another thing I hate, day light savings. We need to just end the ridiculous charade already. There is no use for daylight savings, all it does is complicate things. I don't particularly dislike Ben Franklin, but it was his worst idea by far.

It sucks that I have no clue when I may be able to weasel my way back on Blogger. Hopefully it will be soon. It's kind of messed up my nights not having it as an outlet and source of entertainment.


Jeannie said...

Does this guy work where you do? Can you put in a complaint? It's creepy. When I was younger, I loved staying up extremely late and sleeping all day. I figured working nights wouldn't be so bad for someone like me. Now, though, it would kill me.

Anonymous said...

"Having to cozy up to a shrub and sneak small hits as fast as possible is not satisfying."

And of course you should have the right to be high ans satisfied at work??? You say you want a better life, but with your attitude and behavior you'll be sitting in a shack checking in trucks for the rest of your life.

Nellie said...

Hey Jeannie - yeah, he does work where I do. I could probably complain but it such a male dominated workplace and they have so much more say than I do, it may just make things worse. I don't think I have anything to fear - it's mostly annoying.

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VV is the shit
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