Friday, December 18, 2009

It's so Fricken Cold!

Cold! So Cold! I hate the cold without enough snow. We have some snow but not enough to insulate the earth here in NH.

But anyhow -and I have to make this fast - I've been thinking a lot about how I can change the tone of this blog to be more positive and interesting. Really, nobody wants to read about someone's shitty life day after day. If there is no humor in it especially.
So I've finally ditched my shitty job and have a better one. In fact, working at the new place has reminded me of what I was interested in before I became obsessed with H. I wanted to go to school to be an herbalist and I was really into health and natural medicine in general. So I need to make that a priority in my life once more. It will make me feel better and may be more interesting to read about also. This is a rushed post since I should be getting ready for work. So as I am re-learning a lot of the stuff I need to know to be good at my new job, I thought I could also write about it a little bit here. Of course I'm sure I won't be able to help myself from bitching just a little bit. But we'll see if I even stick to it. I have a knack at no follow through. Have a wonderful, frigid day everyone!


Gledwood said...

You got a better job? congratulations!
Is that really what it looks like by you? The landscape is gorgeous!
It is freezing cold here and for once we DO have snow... Paris, by the way is in complete blizzards... Wow!

Jeannie said...

Your bitching doesn't bother me in the least. Constant fake positive posts bug me after a while. You said I sounded too perfect and were glad I got upset too...??? I wasn't aware that I came across that way at all. I try to avoid bitching too much - I write the post then delete it if it's just a bunch of whining - maybe I shouldn't be. I think you should pursue being an herbalist - I considered it myself at one time long ago - but my children were young and school was far away so it was a no go. I'm sure now there are online courses available.

Brother Frankie said...

whatever u decide, just promise to keep it real..

i have come to think of you as a lil sister or daughter.(i hope im not creeping anyone out)

i get excited when i see ya making healthy changes and see ya smile thru your words..

merry Christmas and stay warm..

brother frankie
a biker for Christ

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Try and stay warm, Nellie. It's ass-cold here in Ohio, too. I hate winter. I'm going to pick up something out for dinner and go home and watch movies under the electric blanket.

Glad you are happier with your life.

Love, SB.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new job!
Do you still have the digital camera?
Would love to see the wreath you made!

Nellie said...

Thanks you guys for all the positive comments. Sorry it's been sooo long since I posted. It's been busy here. Hope everyone had a good holiday season so far. Nothing too traumatic.

Gleds - I WISH it looked like that where I live. That's a pic of some island up north, closer to you I think. I'll have to get the actual name for you. It was really cool sounding, and obviously beautiful.

Jeannie - thanks for not hating my bitching. And I don't want you to think I meant you were too perfect in a bad way. I meant I look up to you because to me you seem so accomplished. Yoy have your home and business and your children. And you always seem so happy. It's a great thing, really. I hope I can get it together like you some day. I would really like to pursue the herbal thing, for sure.

Brother Frankie- No, you're really not creepy at all. I think you come across as sincere and thoughful. I appreciate your comments whenever I hear from you. Thanks for keeping up with all my nonsense. It really is reassuring to think that there are people out there who understand that life has ups and downs and it can be hard. But things are looking up for me. I hope it stays that way. Happy Holidays.

SB - That's, like, my best night. And also happens to be a pretty typical winter night for me and Mikey. We don't have any place to sit in our apt. so we always have to eat on our bed/futon in front of the tv. It's the only place to sit besides the floor. We have a kitchen table, just no chairs. But soon that won't matter. Stay Warm, as warm as possible!

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VV is the shit
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