Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday Funday

It's Monday. I'm sure everyone was already aware of that. I didn't have to work on Saturday so it was like a real weekend for me. But Now, here it is, Monday. And I have a million things to do. First on my list was to figure out where the heck Mikey's unemployment money disappeared to. I figured I'd check the account balance on the freak chance that it just simply showed up over Sunday sometime; not actually expecting that to happen though. But it DID! It's here! Freakin' weird, if you ask me. But also lame, because it was probably actually in there all weekend just not showing. So it ruined my day on Saturday and Sunday because I thought we had no money. It would have been fine if one of the people we spoke to from the bank or the online site on Saturday had simply said, "The website is experiencing some difficulties. If your money was sent then it will probably have gone through by Monday. But don't get upset by what the screen is showing because it is inaccurate". That's all, but nobody had anything other than, "I don't know. You'll have to call unemployment." As if we were just crazy people who thought we had money we didn't. We tried to explain that unemployment has a website too. They showed that the payment was sent on 12/10 and it didn't go through until today. That's sucky. I hate money and banks and payments, it's all too rigid for my artistic sensibilities ; ).

Ick. I have to go to the clinic still. I hate the clinic. I like methadone, it works for me. But I think it's crap that I can't get take-homes because I smoke weed. That's it. Just the weed and the done for me. But I still have to go there every day. Even though I'm one of, like, two percent of the patients who has a full-time job and is trying to finish school. I still get treated like a degenerate because I smoke a fricken herb. It's not as if I'm still booting dope, so seriously. And they are only open until eleven-thirty so I really have to run. Super convenient, huh? Only ten on the weekends. And they bitch at you if you get there after quarter of ten because they don't want to be there after ten still dosing, they want to be closing up by ten-thirty. If they open at six, that's only a four hour day. Oh, poor, finger-to-the-bone things.

Well, to the clinic, then laundry, then back home to get ready for work which I only have to be at for two hours tonight. Kind of silly - but money is money, right.


Jeannie said...

Banks, for some reason, don't do transactions over the weekend. So if the other bank sent it Friday, your bank won't show it until midnight Monday morning.

Stupid that they can't take individual cases on their own merit.

Nellie said...

That must have been what happened. We probably could have spent money over the weekend too, but better safe than sorry. Now I'm getting paid regularly from my new job, and my vacation pay came through. It's either feast or famine in this house, I guess.

Anonymous said...

I was in the same situation when I started methadone. At first I kept using heroin, but stopped that after about 2 months, but they said I would never get THs are long as I smoked weed. I couldn't imagine giving it up, but after 9 months of going to the clinic 6 days a week I couldn't take it anymore. I was scared I wasn't ready to get off the done, so I quit the pot "temporarily." That was 3 years ago. Now I have monthly TH's, I'm slowly lowering my dose with hopes of being off by the summer, I have a career instead of a job where I can do somehting that fits my values, and make more than I ever thought I would or care to, and I have no desire to smoke. I was always pro pot, but after being off for ahile I realized the negative affect it had on me. It was subtle, so I never realized it. I'm by no means anti-weed now, hut you might be surprsised by what you find if you lay off it long enough to get some THs.

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