Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Another Uneventful 24 Hours

I saw a terrible movie yesterday. Mikey and I always watch a movie in the a.m. after we get out of work. We work 7 p.m. - 7 a.m. Monday - Thursday. It's pretty exhausting but I get a lot of free time to mess about on the Internet, or read, or anything within reason really as long as I do my job when a truck comes along. So anyway I convinced Mikey to buy a used movie out of one of those red dollar a day rental machines they have at supermarkets these days (at least they are everywhere around here). I thought it sounded entertaining, "Kush", about some guys who sell weed and gets robbed and whatnot. Well, folks, don't waste your time or money, it was soooo bad, I actually fell asleep near the end and I'm surprised I made it that long into this thing. We watch a ton of movies because we don't have cable even though it was supposed to be included in our rental agreement. Our landlords don't pay any bills, not like I pay mine on time every month either but I'm only responsible for myself. So, yeah, we have tons of DVDs and now I have one more I will probably never watch again. There are some crappy movies out there and some horrible actors but seriously this was some of the worst acting I've ever been witness to. It was like they were reading lines off the back of their hands. It had to be written by some kids who made some money off selling and maybe growing some good weed and figured, "Hey, this would make a cool movie." Haven't we all thought that at some point? You're out there doing some crazy shit and you turn to whoever you're with and all, "This could be a movie, for real." Well, someone actually followed through with such a thought and the outcome was this movie which could have been okay but it seemed like the actors just had no clue about the lifestyle they were acting out. They kept throwing out all these terms like 'custie' and 'kush' and talking about weighing buds and making three gram eights and shit but it just didn't seem realistic to me, at all. So only check out this movie if you want to see a long, drawn out, emotionless portrayal of the weed scene sprinkled throughout with anti-drug messages in the form of immature and irresponsible dealers and abusive crackhead boyfriends.

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Gledwood said...

I wanted to see Requiem for a Dream but it's showing on tv and my being conscious have never coincided...

VV is the shit

VV is the shit
We all have to love VV