Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Twichy Twicthenson

Can stress make your eye twitch? I'm pretty sure it can, because my right eye has like these spasms periodically throughout the year for about a week or two at a time. Maybe I need glasses too, Shit, I can barely write this post because I can't really focus on anything for very long. Does this happen to anyone else? I must seem like I have a crazy twitch to all the truckers who I have to check in. I have to scrunch my nose and rub my eyes every two seconds just to see the numbers without it feeling like my eye might fall out or pop out rather. I always think if I get sleep it will go away, yet every night when I get up for work, it's still there. Then, inexplicably, it will just go away and be fine for another few months. It's driving me crazy.

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VV is the shit

VV is the shit
We all have to love VV