Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cold, Cold, Cold

The end of winter seems so long in arriving, even in southern Vermont. If it is going to be cold, there should be a lot of snow in my opinion. The past several years have brought little snow until March and by then most people are waiting for spring. Maybe because my apt. is never warm enough, maybe because I have to go outside a lot at work, maybe I feel cold all the time because I'm so low on the done dose, I don't know but I'm ready for spring now.
We're still hoping to move to Hawaii eventually. I think we should really move out of the place we are in right now - even if it means putting off Hawaii for a few more months. I don't think I can stand another month there, never mind another six months. The police are called to downstairs rather regularly. And the folks down there always have some dumb reason why they were there - but it's never because of them. Anyway, I want out of there. I think they're shady and not past breaking in - hopefully they're scared of the dogs a bit.
Okay, I know people are always amused when I tell them my chiahuahua will bite them - but he will. The dad chichi is really, really mean to everyone but me and Mike and my family members as long as they don't look him in the eye too much. All the rest of them are nice when they are seperated one on one but together they are a vicious little pack. I read an article once about a cop who let himself into a mans house and was attacked by chiahuahuas, I forget how many, maybe it was five or eight. They chewed that cop up, he had to be hospitalized. Now I'm not looking to send anyone to the E.R., but I don't want any unwanted visitors either.
Well, I guess I better clean up my little shack before the end of my shift. My eye is still bugging out and I can't look at the computer screen for too long anyway.

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Gledwood said...

A cop attacked by cher-wowas?! Wow¬!

Hey just thought I'd tell you MY HAMMIES ARE STARRING ON YOUTUBE!!! HOW EXCITING IS THAT!!!!!!!!!!! (FOR ME) HAHA!!

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VV is the shit
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