Monday, March 30, 2009

I tend to be long-winded. But this can be summed up nicely by saying, "What the hell is wrong with people who ignore you when you say hello on the street, or have a nice day at the end of a transaction and they just walk away?" I mean seriously? I suppose there are the few times they just don't hear you, but not often. I think it's just plain rude.

When you pass someone on the street, just smile, or nod. At least in small towns like Brattleboro. I guess in the city it's only practical not to be overly friendly, but not out here in the sticks. But no matter where you live, be it urban or rural, you should treat co-workers with courtesy.

I'm going to start calling people out on that shit. Maybe.

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Robb said...

Naw, hey, it's their shit, now ain't it? Don't make it yours.

Y'all just keep on being friendly and decent. Because the next time you smile and say "Hi! Nice day, isn't it?" to that same person who gave you a cold shoulder, they might just think, "Yeah, it is a nice day, isn't it?". Then they might just pass that very same sentiment on to the next person they meet.

It's all just a matter of what you do, not the inconsideration of other dipshits. Teach by doing, educate thru actions. Y'all can make a difference by just being nice.

I live in the "big city", but never do I pass up an opportunity to hold the door, or comment on the weather, or simply sit next to someone on the park bench and start up a conversation. Mind you, once they get a good look at my toothless smile, most tend to skeedaddle right quick. {{shrug}} Their loss...

Hope the new place is all (or most) that you wanted. Spring is here!! YAY!!! And for this ol' boy, that means I can get out catfishin' real soon! Be good (always) and remember...

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