Saturday, February 27, 2010

It's gray and snowy on the coast of southern New Hampshire today. It would be a beautiful day to go stand by the ocean. I imagine it as so pale and serene. Maybe I will try to find time to head over to the beach later on. Although, I feel as if the day has already slid away right beneath my feet. Where did the morning go? Where did the afternoon go, for that matter? One minute ago it was six-thirty in the morning, and now it's almost late enough that I could have a glass of wine without seeming like a total wino. But I'm not going to have wine because it's making me fat. Well, I don't think there is really a single ailment in the world that can be attributed to just one thing. Any occurrence is caused by multiple factors converging to cause a specific result based on that particular combination of events. Meaning, it's not just the wine that contributes to my fat cells growing. It's all the other food I eat as well, my over fondness for pastry, and my under active desire for exercise.


Jeannie said...

I agree - it's never just one thing that makes you fat - well - it's too many calories than you need - but the reasons for more in than going out aren't so simple.

Nellie said...

For sure, Jeannie, everything we all struggle with is so complex. It's difficult to pinpoint one factor as more negative than another. But you're right, it's the calories, it can be as simple as that! Just don't put the cake in my mouth!!!

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VV is the shit
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