Monday, February 15, 2010

Oh, Quit My Bitching Already....

Despite all my bitching and complaining, I am surprisingly easy to satisfy. I like good food, good wine, and good company. I am sublimely content with a beautiful day and a little time for a walk with my dogs. I like a good bud, a clean bowl, and a safe place to smoke. I am happy with a clean, soft pair of socks. A sunny spot on a cushy couch, with a clean blanket and a book is a perfect afternoon.

Speaking of walks and afternoons, I better be going before the sun goes down anymore and it gets chilly. My little dogs get kind of wimpy if it's too cold.

But I must say before I depart, I am a Chiropractor convert. I just had my first chiropractic experience and I have to admit that it was amazing. It was as if my head was floating above my neck after he cracked it the second time. I feel as if little men jest finished scraping the cement out from between my vertebrae. And he said I wasn't really that bad. That makes me seriously wonder what other people feel like. I thought my arm was going to freeze and I'd never be able to move it again. I'd stretch and massage it and it would only help a bit. But between my massage last week (that I only got because my Mom decided not to go to her appointment so I got it) and this guy today, I feel like a new person.

I have to say to anyone who has a kinked neck or throbbing back muscles: GO to the CHIROPRACTOR!!!! NOW!!! I swear It WILL HELP!!


Jeannie said...

Problem with chiropractors is that they over sell it. I went quite a number of times for my neck. Not one ever said they couldn't fix it. I ended up addicted to the endorphins that would get released and was in agony between appointments. The first visit was always fantastic. But they made me come back way too often but then weaned me off even though I was no better.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I go to an acupuncturist. An acupuncturist cured my dad of terrible long-time back pain.

Glad you are content and things are going well.

Love you!

Nellie said...

Jeannie - That was what I have always had people tell me. They say that once you start going you have to keep going back or else you feel awful. I really can't afford to go too often, even if I wanted to. So I'm hoping that will keep me from falling into a trap of chiropractic addiction. I only went because the massage therapist said my shoulder was really messed up and that I should go to keep it from freezing up. Because it was getting to the point where my whole arm was getting numb. I can see, though, how it could become a crutch for pain if I began to rely on it too much. I think I am only going back for the one follow-up and that's it. I actually told the man that I've always thought chiropractors caused pain and I was afraid of them.
I really want to invest in some long term treatment, something that could help fix my whole body physically. I'm thinking I need to take some yoga classes, at the very least. Anyway, too wordy as always, I trust your advice and know you've been dealing with pain for a while and have experience with a variety of physical therapy techniques. I should talk to you more about it. Thanks.

Nellie said...

SB- Yeah, I was reading a bit about your acupuncture experience the other day. I think that stuff definitely works. I should actually try to find one around here. I'd love to try it. Although that kind of scares me too. I've only ever heard good things from people, yet still the thought of long, skinny needles is just...I don't know, it makes me shiver a little. But I have to do something to fix my physical state. I used to care so much about natural and herbal medicine, I took dance classes in college and always was so active. After living as an addict for several years I kind of lost track of my health, and have since gained a ton of weight in recovery. I bet acupuncture could help me with my addictive behavior and the weight gain, to some extent anyhow. I know it's not a cure-all. Oh, I remember what you said about the acupunture, that she applied a point to the top of your head and when you looked it up you read that that was the site for mental illness. That's funny. I would definitely have the top of my head worked on. In fact, most of the population would probably need at least one session of head work, wouldn't you think?
Listen to me today.....blah, blah, blah. Anyhow, thanks for keeping up with my blubbering. As always, it's appreciated.

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