Saturday, June 5, 2010

Am I crazy or does the volume get louder during commercials than during the main show? Is it really because people generally walk away during commercials and advertisers want people to be able to hear the ad from the kitchen/bathroom whatever?


Mo said...

Yes, the commercials do get louder & louder. I mute the TV allot, they drive me crazy!!!! Don't need that shit.

Nellie said...

I knew it wasn't just me. Thanks Mo.

Gledwood said...

Yeah it does.
They are doing some enquiry about it over here. One berk from ITV came on and said "it's not that the adverts are louder, the rest of the programmes are quieter" ~ which is absolutely one of the most fuckin' ridiculous things I've ever heard.

Yeah, they're saying they are actually going to make it ILLEGAL to have ads so loud they literally shock you out of the chair, like one did to me the other day.

sickgirl said...

No, you are not remotely crazy. This particular trend drives me to distraction, so much so that I've been having a harder and harder time enjoying real time programs.

Episodes are made available literally the moment the most recent one ends, and with my connection, I can normally download it in well under ten minutes, not to mention having it available any time afterwards on my hard drive or transferred to dvd/cd. Doing it this way also has the added bonus of not having to endure any commercials either!!! Just the 43mins of your standard hour long American/Canadian tv drama.

I am also watching about a half dozen BBC series which we don't get currently in Canada so this is a fantastic way to keep up.

peace, love and happiness


Nellie said...

Wow, I'm amazed to get such a response to this. I had no idea this was such a big issue. That's awesome to hear so many people are on the same page about something I thought only bothered me. Cool. This makes me think I should write more of the things that just pop up about day to day life. People have more in common than you think.

Thanks Guys!

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