Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wagon Hill Farm

Wagon Hill Farm, Durham, New Hampshire. Otherwise known as my Heaven on Earth. I've recently discovered this little piece of paradise. I found it a little over a month ago as I was searching for an out of the way hiking area to take my dogs. Since they are still little demons, despite my trying desperately to retrain them and myself to be more calm and thoughtful. We all have a long, long way to go. But things are getting easier. In part, because of this place. It happens to be right around the corner from my new clinic. So it has become part of my routine to take the dogs with me every morning now, and go for a walk with them before heading home. I think the whole shebang, the walk, but even just being in the car, has been very therapeutic for them. And me. Because I'm learning that I don't need to be so tense over the dogs, and in turn, that makes them less tense too.
We have to go through a toll booth every day to get onto I-95. And at first it was terribly embarrassing because the dogs would freak at the attendant. They would start barking as soon as they saw that there was a person there. But now we can roll right through. Happy and silent. I consider that a major milestone. Whoo-hoo.

So these first two pics are what you see at the very beginning of the walk. Clearly it's an old farm that was turned into some sort of reserve. I guess I should read their info next time I visit. That will be tomorrow, I guess. So anyway, there is a big white farmhouse next to the two, upper and lower, parking areas. Then mostly fields just like this until you hit a small rim of wooded area, a buffer before the marsh, and ultimately, the bay.

You can see here the water snaking it's way into the forest.

And my incredibly spoiled dogs lounging in the marsh, soaking up the sun.

I like to sit on this driftwood log and read a book or a magazine. It's the perfect little perch.

Most of the paths are like this one. Mowed through the fields so most days I go barefoot. It's perfect. And there is a peak at my little beach. I think I could swim here once it's a bit warmer.
The picture of the tree hanging over the water reminds me of someplace tropical. I have pictures of a trip to Jamaica that look just like this. I think if I were to slip this picture in with those no one would know the difference. It's just such a peaceful place. I feel so lucky I found it. I never see anyone else there. Besides the fishermen on their lobster boats out in the bay.

And then, of course, more dog pictures. Because I'm one of those annoying, crazy people who takes their dogs everywhere, leaves the A/C on for them, puts them in little outfits and gives them hot dogs for treats.

Well, that's it for now folks. Good vibes to you all.


Gledwood said...

I was reading a memoir, called Leap of Faith by Queen Noor of Jordan (a v good book and one of v few royal autobiographies in existence)... she said she was somewhere in New England and the King, who was educated in England and not normally prone to bigotry, launched into some rant about how superior the English countryside was compared to that in America.
Having seen pictures this doesn't seem at all true. The American autumn seems to be the most spectacular anywhere in the world. You're so lucky to be where you are. Actually it does look very similar to old Hampshire.
Except more picturesque!!

Gledwood said...

Did you paintbox those skies, or are they actually that blue?... That's amazing!

I remember being in Scotland with some Americans once and they said our skies looked like ones from old paintings (they really are turquoise, even in high summer sometimes)


Jeannie said...

Looks like a perfect place - wish there was a beach here. The river isn't far but it's too shallow and polluted to swim in. Now that I think of it, there's a water hole but so many people have drowned there getting caught in weeds that they don't allow swimming. Sweet huh?

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Looks like a nice place.

Good vibes back, sistah.

Nellie said...

Gledwood - I didn't do anything to any of the pics, it's really pretty huh? I was only in England once, a bunch of years ago, but I think England is just as pretty as America. Different a bit , but beautiful all the same. They are pretty similar, I guess. But I agree that I am lucky to be where I am. I like it better here than in Vermont. In VT it's kind of like Jeannie describes with rivers and weird swimming holes. It's pretty but I prefer being close to the ocean.

Jeannie - Like I said to Gledwood, your place sound a bit like Vermont, where we used to live. Swimming holes are okay, but the ocean is just something else. It's kind of scary to me, actually. If I'm really going to swim, like laps, or something, I prefer a pool. Whimpy, I know. But I always think a fish will bite my toes, or worse, my whole leg.

SB - Thanks for being so damn loyal. You always seem to find time for my boring post despite your busy schedule. thanks a ton.

Love, Nellie

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