Tuesday, June 22, 2010

An Apology Post

Oh my, I have to counteract the massive purging of negativity on my part this morning. I don't take back the truth in anything I wrote. And since no one in question reads my blog, there's no feelings to be hurt. I guess that's, in part, one of the biggest reasons I use Blogger. If I get it out here, I'm less likely to take it out elsewhere. But I went to the clinic and for my morning walk, and I learned a few things.

1. It really helps for me to get out of the house and just walk.
2. It's even better if I can get myself to stop and do some stretching and breathing exercises.
3. I am not as angry after I calm myself down and relax.
4. I do have the ability to let things go.
5. I will not be here forever, this is only a moment, and moments pass.
6. I can get to where I want to. I have seen a lot of change so far.
7. I'm going to have to separate my dogs, and one by one, make the like people. I have a plan.
8. Yoga does actually change your body chemistry. It's amazing.

I know I sound cheesy. But I'm really trying hard to make this time I have here a transitional period. I'm done making excuses for myself. I have to take control and make happen the things I want. I know I've already taken strides in the right direction. I do feel empowered by the change I see in myself over time. It makes me feel like there is hope.

I apologize to anyone who may have stumbled across my angry post. I needed to get it out but I hope it didn't stick to any of you.

I am now sending out very positive, happy vibes to everyone! Thank You!


Gledwood said...

it's only cheesy to spout that sort of stuff, then fall to pieces and let out some selfish, ill-disciplined, paranoid totally opposite monster in times of crisis. that is tacky

the phrases themselves are bang-on correct. i wish i could do all that stuff

Gledwood said...

ps talking about "opposite" people, have you noticed ~ and this is true without exception ~ that hippie dippie people ~ especially old hippies ~ are actually by FAR the most uptight of all


nasty business

Reenie said...

I believe you should write in your blog whatever you feel like writing, without much worry of what your readers would think. That is who you are, they'll either take it or leave.

I like the way you are so honest in your blog. Please don't change that.

Also, hi. I am a your long-standing reader; I never got to introduce myself to you. Hi Nellie, Reenie here :)

Jeannie said...

I keep saying I want to do yoga but I don't do it.

As for spouting off - this is the best place (unless someone finds it and gets twice as mad at you)

Nellie said...

Gleds - Thanks for being honest about what would make my mumbo jumbo more cheesy. I agree that it would be worse to say I am going to do something, and then be a big boob in the end. I'll try not to do that! Talk about bang on, you're right that many, many, many of those "hippie-dippie" types are for sure the most hung up. That's why they have to try so hard to try to prove how chill and loose they are. Of course there are exceptions to that, but you know....Good to hear from you lately! Well, it's always good to hear, I've just been seeing you a lot more lately. Cool.

Hey Reenie! Nice to finally meet you. Thanks for reading my rants, it's good to connect with people in any way. If what I write does anything for you, that makes me happy. Even if it's just that people might learn from my mistakes. I think you're totally right. I shouldn't, ever, really care or think about whether my readers will like what I have to say or not. It's important to stick to your own truth. I will keep that in mind. I really appreciate the comment. Please don't be shy in expressing your opinion. It's so good to meet new folks! Thanks.

Hi Jeannie - This is the best place for spouting off. I love it for that! And I never thought anyone I knew personally ever read it. Boy, was I wrong! People don't realize sometimes that I write to vent. I don't always mean what I say in anger, but it's hard to explain that to someone who's feelings have been personally hurt. It's just a good thing I don't have any work to write about. I'd probably get fired.
It's taken me a long time to get started with the yoga. And I still don't have a totally regular practice. I do whatever moves I think I can handle. I follow the cable yoga shows for the most part. It's really made a huge difference on my mood. I wish I lived near you so I could try to get you to do it with me. It's always easier to keep up a practice if someone else bothers you about it.

Well, everyone, keep on keeping on. Much love!


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