Thursday, August 26, 2010

Another Day, Another Application, Another Rejection

The rain has stopped. I must admit I enjoy a good, heavy, dark rain every now and again. It seems like everyone slows down a bit when it rains. You don't have to feel quite so guilty just sitting around cuddled under blankets with a book when it's raining.

But the sun is out and the business of life must go on. Procrastinating here, putting off yet another application drop off. This time it's the Union Bluff Hotel in York, Maine which isn't as far away as it sounds. Southern coastal Maine dips down almost hitting Massachusetts, leaving New Hampshire with a teenie tiny coastline. So it's really only a twenty minute drive to York, I've been told anyhow. I try not to drive around too much since I STILL don't have a valid driver's license. Hence another reason I need a job. I've paid off all the fines I owed but in order to be reinstated I need a special kind of insurance called an SR-22. Anyone ever heard of it? It's bullshit. Basically everyone I talk to about it, including the court system and the insurance companies themselves, don't seem to be able to give me a reasonable explanation of what it is. The best I can tell from the mumble jumble I've been served is that it's personal insurance basically. Insurance on myself because, apparently, I suck and am not to be trusted. But no one can seem to tell me for how long I need to have this. And it's super expensive. So if I lost my license because I couldn't afford the fines does it seem probable that I will be able to afford this crappy, unnecessary, over-priced insurance? So until I can save up the initial fee to get started I have to find a job and drive there unlicensed, praying to God I don't get pulled over just a little bit longer. It's an awful feeling. The constant anxiety couldn't be healthy. But what choice do have? I'm lucky I have what I have.
Part of the reason I was stuck with Mike for so long was because I needed the car. My Mom wants to go away all the time and it's her car so what do I have to stand on there? Other than the fact that she harped at me to ditch Mike, promising all the while that if I did she would back me up until I got on me feet. But apparently I am not getting there fast enough. Shit, it's like the worst time to be looking for a job. People with Master's Degrees are applying for the same fricken Friendly's Restaurant as me. I'm not even calling ahead today so they don't have a chance to blow me off. Maybe if I dress exceedingly well and have a big smile they will give me an interview. It's for a front desk/hostess position. It would be perfect for me since I hate manual labor. Just writing stuff/typing reservations, answering phones, being polite to people - I can DO that! For sure. Perfect. I really hope they hire me. I'd much rather work there than at Friendly's. Everyone pray for me!!!!


Jeannie said...

All the best. You don't need a master's to be a hostess or waitress. And those hiring know that the minute those with degrees can get a better job, they'll be gone. So they would prefer to have someone who will stick around - employee turnover is expensive.

That's so weird that no one knows how long you will have that insurance crap hanging over your head. Here, if you screw up, you get points that stay on your record for a certain number of years (I think it's 6 or 7 but maybe only 3 for some) and then drop off. Too many points and they take your license away. The more points, the higher the insurance fees.

Boston Joe said...

wow, too funny I was just in York on Sunday! We usually stay in Ogunquit, which has a nicer beach, but went to York and tons of kids stuff so probably going to stay there next time and saw that place and were going to check it out, small world!!
good luck and hang in there. I know how it sucks to feel like you are in a rut and can't get out of it but keep plugging away and things will work out for ya!!

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I hope it works out, love. Sounds like a decent job to me. Is there nowhere you could walk to from your mom's place or maybe a bus route or something? Just wondering.

Love you, Nellie. Hang in.

Nellie said...

Jeannie - They do the point thing here too. I know I don't have enough points to lose my license...yet. But probably if I get caught too many more times they will take it away for good. I guess this SR-22 is like an in between punishment that the judge can just tack on if they want. I'm considering trying to appeal the decision. If I can get some straight answers on where it originated from and why. I think it's pretty typical of a run around when you're dealing with this stuff. Too many people to go through, not enough information or communication between parties, I guess. I WILL get to the bottom of it though. Love to hear from you, as always.

Boston Joe - Long time, no see. How are you? I always love your input because I feel like you've been through a lot of the same places - and then low and behold you actually were in the very same physical place. Small world, for sure. I can't figure why but it's the first time I'd been to York Beach even though I live wicked close nowadays. It seems like it would be a cool place to work though. Lots going on. But I have been to Ogunquit a bunch and it does seem like the beaches are a bit better. Bigger and more expansive, more places to sit. And no dogs are allowed on Ogunquit beaches all summer long. I think that sucks for dogs but it's good for people who don't like sitting on piles of dog poo. Most of the other beaches on the southern Maine coast allow dogs to run in the morning before eight and then again at night after eight. I just learned this handy tidbit the other day when I was searching for a new place to take my dogs. What's up with your blog? How are we all supposed to butt into your business if you don't leak the juicy parts? Let me know if you decide to get it up and running again or if you changed locations.

SB - Yeah, I think it would be an okay job too. I have tried to find some places closer to my Mom's so I could walk. There are a few places to which I've applied but the offerings are slim. I'm waiting to hear from Friendly's and a couple gas stations. They just put up a new hotel but they filled all the spots already, and I applied there before they even opened! I couldn't believe it, I thought I'd thought of the greatest idea and they were all, "Oh no, we filled the positions before the walls were up". Can u believe it!?! But I'm still looking and leaving applications even at places not looking for help, just in case...
Thank you for all you good wishes.

Love to All,


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