Wednesday, August 11, 2010

blah, blah, blah

I don't even know what to write. It's been so long since I've posted anything. I feel so out of sorts, so disconnected to anything, so lost. I have nothing lately that is my own, nothing to make me feel like it even matters if I am here or not. I don't have a job, school, a purpose for waking up. And despite knowing what I want my purpose to be, despite always knowing what I wanted to do with my life, I just can't seem to figure out how to go about getting there. I feel so STUCK. It's such an awfully familiar feeling. Why can't I ever seem to get unstuck? I want a job but I have no skills worth anything to anyone. There is so much competition for the crappiest jobs. I just called a woman about a job I saw in the paper and the phone call went to badly I cried when I hung up. This was the conversation:

I call because the ad says to call the number and then the given extension. I figured I could just drop off my resume but it's kind of far and I don't technically have a driver's license (a fact everyone in my family loves to overlook. And they seem to not think it necessary to live up to the deal we made that they would help me when I needed it to get my license back. Suddenly they never have the time, money, whatever it may be when I need it. My brother the junkie or my sister the junkie, they need something, no problem. I need it and it's just so easy to say NO to me, I guess. At least that's what they actually say to me.) Anyway, this place is located just across the border in Maine, so I thought I may as well confirm that the position is still open. Before I drive all the way to Maine for no reason.

Woman: (In a gravelly, bored, and put-out tone) "This is Mary."

Me: "Hi, Mary. My name is Helen Hager and I'm calling to inquire about the ad I saw in the Exeter News about the front desk position. I'm just wondering if it's still available?" (This, obviously, is the one line I had rehearsed previous to making the call.)

Mary: "Well, have you already filled out an application?"

Me: "Uh, No, I just saw the ad in the paper today and it said to call this extension. So I just thought I would call ahead to find out first if the position was still available and if it was, is there anything particular I should know before coming in to fill out an application."

Mary: "Well, I think we're pretty much finished with looking. If anything comes up we'll call you. What's the name and number?'

Me: My name is Helen Hager, H-A-G-E-R. And my phone number is (blah, blah, blah...obviously can't put my phone number up here, right?) But maybe I could just drop by and leave my resume with you just in case something comes up and then you would have some more information about me?" (I said this because, maybe you noticed, she did NOT say the position had been filled. I got the distinct impression from her tone and frequent pauses that it had not been filled. I think she must have received a ton of applications, or maybe she just didn't want to be the contact person, I don't know. Writing the conversation so far, it seems like I'm just being crazy, because the actual words weren't mean, just her tone was so nasty.)

Mary: (first I hear a very audible "Tsk", like when you put the tip of your tongue to your top front teeth and make that tsk, tsk short sucking sound when you're exasperated or disgusted. well, that's what she did. Tsk. Sigh.) "No, I said we would call you if anything comes up."

Me: (Attempting, probably unsuccessfully to mask my shock. I mean, why can't I drop off my resume, even if the position had been filled? Maybe whoever they hire won't work out, maybe I'd be super qualified, what's the harm?) "Uh, Okay. Well, Thank You."

Then I hung up. And my mother had been watching the entire exchange so she was like, "What was that? What happened?" And I was just like, "I don't really know. She just didn't seem interested. I swear, mom, it was as if she knew who I was and she hated me." Now, logically, I know that's totally crazy. There is no way she could know me. But her voice, her emotion was so mean and abrupt. I felt like my phone call had ruined her day, put her out so totally. I should have just made the drive and dropped off my resume. Why did I have to call first? I thought for a minute, maybe I should still just go and fill out an application. They put the name of the motel in the ad. I mean, it's a fricken front desk position. It specifically said 'no experience necessary', they only pay $9/hour. WTF? Why can't I get a job at a fricken lame ass motel or gas station? What is wrong with me? Does something weird come across in my voice? The way I speak? My vocabulary? Do I look scary? WHAT is IT????

So here I am, in my half finished basement, furniture stacked here and there, no desk available to fill out applications properly (because shit is stacked on top of it) trying to fill out another application for another stupid gas station. Maybe this one will hire me to ring up cigarettes for rude people. I need to finish painting and putting my furniture back in place so I can feel more organized and easily print out resumes. I'm probably the only person in NH who brings a resume to a gas station job. Maybe that's part of the problem. Maybe I come off as pretentious. So this time I'm only filling out their form application that they printed out from some program. Whatever. Maybe it'll help. I just need a job. One that I can do while I continue school so that one day I can actually have a job I don't loathe.

So, later, i guess. I need to go shower and put on make-up, do my hair, and find a nice outfit so that I can be rejected again by another place I'm totally qualified to work at.


Brother Frankie said...

sucks dont it..

hang in there..

Brother frankie

Jeannie said...

Screw the woman - she was likely having a bad day - because she's having to answer the phone - and maybe they've picked out a couple of resumes for the interview and the quality of the other applicants wasn't great. Take a resume in anyway. But then, if she's the boss, do you want to work for her?

Keep trying. Write up a cover letter to go with your resume - even a generic one that states that you want a job that will provide an income while you continue your studies. So that even if you come across as "pretentious", they might take you because you want to get ahead and are working at it.

I don't know about the people who manage gas stations, but I never expected anyone to make a career out of tanning and I doubt they would either. The best employees were serious students who needed funds but also wanted to be good employees, receive a good reference to help get later, more important jobs.

You remind me of me - too easy going to get what you need. Except that I am now pissed off enough to start going for it. People just take advantage of your good nature. I would take the backseat, so to speak, so I wouldn't bother anyone, wouldn't nag, wouldn't insist, wouldn't demand, because I wanted acceptance - didn't want anyone mad at me - I wanted to be liked and maybe loved. All I got was ignored and disrespected.
As hard as it might be, you have to be a little more assertive. And don't let the childish temper tantrums of the rest of them deter you. If you need to go somewhere for your licence, tell your Mom - "I need to get my licence, please loan me $XX to pay for it." If you need someone to take you to an appt, ask when they are available, you are making the appt now and expect them to help you out so life is simpler for everyone and you won't get fined for driving without a licence. Learn not to fear their tantrums and whatever you do, don't give in to them. Turn cold. Learn to ignore. Walk out if you must. Just don't play their stupid games any more. Get angry if you have to. But don't enter into arguments. State your case and move on. You may not get what you need right away - they aren't used to you sticking up for yourself. So don't expect to win the first time. You probably won't but they won't win they way they want to.

Nellie said...

Thanks you guys. It's really good to hear such constructive feedback.

Jeannie - You are such a good cheerleader. I really appreciate all the thought you put into your response. I know you're right, and I can't let it get me down. I'll stick it out, I have to I guess. I'll take your advice too and stick with using a resume. I think it shows I care about what I do. Thank You!!!

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VV is the shit
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