Monday, August 23, 2010

I just want to remind everyone out there that it is really important to use your directional signals when you are driving. It can help you to avoid a lot of accidents. It's a simple movement of the hand which can save you your life. And while we're on the subject of driving, people, you are not supposed to pass in the right hand lanes. You should ALWAYS pass on the left. There is a huge blind spot on the right side of a car, whereas on the left the driver can see what is coming. It seems like people these days just do not follow simple driving rules.
In fact, in this post I can discuss two peeves I have in one. Some of the worst drivers I see up here in New Hampshire are the folks who come up from Massachusetts and New York. It's like they forget or don't care to begin with that this is where some people live all the time, this is our home. They are on vacation and they feel like the full time residents are there just to serve or revolve around them. When they are not speeding excessively down our highways, they are clogging up our back roads by driving fifteen miles under the speed limit because they can't be bothered to pull over on the shoulder to take a picture of the changing leaf colors. Just remember that your vacation spot is someone else's home. And they are just trying to get to work or live their life day to day.
Okay, well, that got out a little bit of the annoyance I feel towards the world today.....

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VV is the shit
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