Sunday, June 21, 2009

Being still on 5mg of methadone, I didn't get all those prickly little tingling in my arms and face as I shot up, but within thirty seconds a felt a wave of well being and my face was so itchy that I could hardly keep my hands away as I walked out of the McDonalds bathroom I just booted in.

Nerve racking going down there as I have a warrant in Mass too. But we saw, like, no cops..just one. But it's really the only way up here. If you try to buy H up here people charge you twenty bucks for one bag they scooped half out of already. Around here we only get powder. If it's good, and it was, it's like a pale beige, almost white very fine powder. Definitely good. Did five bags, was still high this morning.

Around where we go, it's really hard to find people who will sell in grams. We knew people when we stopped using but people don't know us like they did back when so we had to buy in bundles but still way cheaper than buying up here. $80 for ten bags and two needles. First time I bought points down there. Easy. Clean.

Best sleep I've had in so long.

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VV is the shit

VV is the shit
We all have to love VV