Monday, June 15, 2009

Just Another Shitty Day

I guess I kind of fucked up this week. I got all really excited that Jack White was gonna be around here. And when I checked their web site they had two shows in New York. One I could make it to. So I talked Mike into really wanting to go and we got tickets a couple weeks ago. But then I checked the site again and they added a show in Boston. At the House of Blues which is pretty small if I remember correctly. And seriously, how can I pass that up? So this a.m. I convinced him that we had enough money to get tickets for that show too. The problem is, apparently we didn't.
He owed money to a kid at work and he happened to drive by us tonight while Mike was still here bringing me food. So obviously he stopped and asked for his money. I offered to run inside to the ATM figuring it was no problem. But turns out we over drafted. I just don't get how people keep track of stuff down to the penny. I checked the balance before I ordered the tickets. We had almost two hundred bucks in there, which I know is like nothing to most people. But places wait too long to recoup their money and it fucks people. I think businesses should have to be on top of sending their shit to the bank or whatever or else they should lose out. Someplace must have taken their money from something I did last week and I already thought it had been taken out because I am stupid enough to believe the balance they tell me at the bank.
Anyway, I figure fifty bucks, that sucks but I'm not gonna kill myself over it. I'll just try to add money to the account tomorrow so it doesn't get worse. But Mikey just bugs out. It's that kind of thing that makes me crazy. Everything is such an excuse for drama for him. When I came back to the car from checking the balance the kid was still talking to Mike, so he acted normal in front of him. But I just knew it was coming. I swear he pulls like a one eighty. People probably would think I was crazy if I said Mike was a jerk. "Oh right," they'd say, "he seems fine to me". But just wait, wait till they leave and here it goes. As soon as the kid pulled away he's at it. It's my fault for making him get the tickets, we're gonna be broke, look what I did now, we won't be able to pay rent, blah, blah, blah!!
I know I'm not perfect. But if he needs something or is upset, I'm pretty much willing to do whatever to make it right. Not just for him or people I love but everyone. But he just is so self centered. Everything in the world seems to be about how it affects him. I'm pissed.
And I woke up late for work which I NEVER do. I've only ever overslept like twice in my life. Generally I can't sleep for shit. Waking up every few minutes it seems. I'm usually turning off the clock before it goes off. But today I fell asleep so heavily, I just slept right past it. I must have been really sleep deprived.
I gave my laptop a virus I guess. I feel really stupid when it comes to computers. I was sort of on the cusp of the technology revolution. We didn't have a lot of computer classes in school. I've taken one college comp course and it helped so much. But that was for word and Excel. I wish I could take a class like that for the Internet. I know I can I just have to do it. But it sucks because I'm just waiting for the stupid thing to scan itself and see if it can fix what I did by itself and if not I suppose I'll need help fixing it. But it means I'm stuck on just the work comp which blocks me from most places, mainly and most annoying being music sights. Time would fly here if I could fuck around on YouTube and stuff.
All in all I'm just another miserable person griping about their life to imagined people out there.


Sarcastic Bastard said...

Just saying hi, Nellie. I hope you are well.



Nellie said...

Thanks. Same old same old....

VV is the shit

VV is the shit
We all have to love VV