Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Hate Bank of America

I just want to be very clear about the following: Bank of America is a terrible, horrible, no good, very shitty bank.
This is why: They are crazy about thinking people are out to scam their money from them. If you do not have an account there, which, needless to say I do not, they fingerprint you to cash a check. Oh yes, you read that correctly. Fingerprint, like in jail. I admit, they ask for only one fingers worth, but for real? And to add one insult to another, they don't even have a box of tissues to wipe off the black crap it leaves on your fingertip. What the hell? And then the teller all sickly-sweet tells you it comes right off. Yeah? On what? My sort of clean shirt? How rude.
So of course I blatantly wiped my finger on some little pad of advertisement paper that was attached to her little whatever that is called that bank people look out of. It's not a regular counter because it has those little square cut outs where their faces are. But they are not windows because there is no top. You know how it is.
I have to make it clear, as well, that the check I was cashing was drawn on their bank. It was a $200 check from my mom. As an aside, I hate admitting that I accepted money from my mom. Writing it makes me sick. If Mikey weren't up my ass about it I would never have asked. I hardly ever ask her for anything. I feel I need to explain that she doesn't work. She lives off my dad's alimony and her family real estate business out of Boston. She lives pretty fat. She has a nice house, she has everything she needs and more, so $200 is no hardship for her to part with. That does not make it okay to ask for money though, I feel I should be able to get what I need myself. All three of my siblings still live at home and the youngest is 19. My sister doesn't work, just lives off my mom. My one brother has a job and makes good money but he doesn't contribute rent or food money, she even pays his car bills. All he has to spend his money on is weed and H. So although it's no justification, me asking for 2 bills is, like, nothing. Especially since I can count the times I've asked her for anything since I moved out at 17. I know I sound crazy. I obviously have a complex over my mother and being self-sufficient. That's clear. But all aside from the main point that Bank of America sucks!
So the check is drawn on their account, I have to show them my passport, a fucking US federal document I needed, like, eight forms of ID to obtain in the first place, my mom has an account there they could check if they needed, there's cameras everywhere, and they need fingerprints?
Way to have trust in the American people, Bank of AMERICA! So everyone's a scamming criminal if they don't have an account with you? See, if I had an account as well as my mother, they may forgo they fingerprint process. Okay, Big Brother.
I was pissed I had to go home and sleep for two hours before the bank even opened therefore causing me to be awakened just as it was getting good. So before I knew the words were out in the world I was telling this lady that she should inform her superiors that this fingerprint practice is insulting and I would never, ever even enter the door of their bank if my family, against my advice, did not insist upon using their services. And of course, she sickly-sweetly had to defend their stupid corporate asses. Which only angered me further. So I interrupted her speech to tell her I was aware of their angle but the bank still sucked and I turned on my heels and walked away. Call me crazy, I'd rather be crazy in the eyes of the Bankers of America than be a Winston Smith.


Melody said...

FUCK! As I write this I am in the process of heading to crappy, shitty B of A to get Casey's name taken of my account. They have been bleeding me dry to pay off fines from HIS checking account! He hasn't been active on my account since the day I opened it, has NEVER made a deposit or withdrawl, yet they have been raping my direct deposits every week, taking everything but 25.00 and applying it to his overdrawn account! So far I've payed his balance down from $868 to $180, that's how much of MY hard earned phone sex money Bank of America has appropriated to use as they see fit! And forget about actually notifying me that it's going to happen, oh no no no! The first time was over a month ago and I got a notice yesterday. If it wasn't for the fact that I need it to receive direct deposits, I would tell them to take their stupid account and shove it!
Ah, sorry for blowing up your comments with this but I had to let you know I feel your pain when it comes to dealing with B of A...fucking NAZIS!

Anonymous said...

So basically you took money from your mother for the dope you bought last weekend. I'd feel guilty too.

Nellie said...

I hear ya on the overdraw shit. They must have had Bernie Madoff consult on those policies.

Boston Joe said...

anon you are an ass.. people who troll drug blogs to say you should not use drugs and shit should get a fuckin life
BofA does suck, I used to have em and closed my acct with them cause of all the stupid shit they pulled. I swear that every month they would have some excuse for taking $$ out of my acct. oh well, screw em!! anyways, i also just read your last post and I have to say I agree with you!! Went to Green Day at the Garden on monday and they were fuckin great!! I was all over the place and other people were just kinda standing there.. hello, you are at a fucking concert, try to have some fun?? I did!!

Nellie said...

Joe - I'm so jealous. I'm so into Green Day lately.

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VV is the shit
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