Monday, July 20, 2009

Live, and let Live, People

I'm always writing shit and then erasing it because I know that even when I write silly, frivolous posts people don't read them thoroughly and start bitching about shit I didn't even write; so what will be the reaction to a rambling, half-baked gripe regarding the flaws of humanity? I really don't want to know.

When I'm out here reading other people's posts and writing my own, I'm mostly looking for some kind of outlet for whatever I'm feeling and after that I'm hoping I'll find other people who feel the same way. If I accomplish that, I generally feel better. I really don't understand the people out there who surf around looking for anything they disagree with and then proceed to lecture or, better yet, humiliate and degrade the target they have found. I think this web behavior models that which we find in society at large. There are people who want to go about their business trying to be happy and do the best they can, and then there are those who just can't mind their own business and feel the need to go out looking for issues to argue. I guess this wouldn't be so bad if these people fought child slavery, decimation of entire populations and/or species, inequality of women, government corruption and other things in the realm of fucked. But no, they'll fight you over music, hairstyle, sexual orientation, what you do on your free time, I'm honestly not sure if there is anything that is off limits for some folks.
Okay, so I think that white supremacist, misogynistic, power hungry, gun-toting angry men are really scary and not really necessary to have on the planet. But still I'm not so sure we should systematically kill, imprison, or attempt to convert them all. What good would that do? It wouldn't get rid of them probably and good people would die in the process. Why can't they just live life their way and we live it ours. They don't have to live with any non-white people or women, and they can achieve power without overpowering others. But it's like they just can't stand the thought of anyone anywhere living as these things. They don't want to see, say, a black person in the whole restaurant, not just their table. I don't get it. I can enjoy my meal if a table of police is sitting next to me....well, I might be a little wary and anxious...but isn't that my problem (maybe not in the instance of police, because that is basically corrupt government) but you know what I mean. If there were a table of hardcore vegans across from me, I can still eat my bacon while they eat their, whatever, tofu I guess. Why do we need to convince the other side that we are right? Can't we just be right for ourselves and let other people decide what is right for them?
Like my mom, I love her, she's my mom. But when I still lived with her she drove me crazy because she takes such bad care of herself (this is sort of similar to how relatives of drug addicts must feel). She has terrible ulcers that bleed and she was hospitalized all the time and then I had to take care of my three younger siblings while she was in the hospital or on a couple occasions institutionalized. But she wouldn't take any advice of any doctors and I used to buy her all this shit at health food stores, like aloe vera juice, and supplements, tea, what have you and try to get her to take better care of herself so we all didn't have to worry so much. But eventually I just stopped. I guess I realized that I've given her all the info I have about what I think, she knows, it's up to her. All I can really do is try to interact with her as best as possible without going nuts myself. I can make helpful suggestions but I can't let it consume me. All we really have is ourselves - which makes up the whole, sure - but we can only be responsible for making our own part work. I think if people concentrated more on themselves, they wouldn't have to worry about others so much.

So whatever, bring on the shit storm. I know there are all the people that will get all righteously what-iffing on me. Save your time. I don't care, you won't change my outlook, it's you I'm thinking of while writing this post


SICKGIRL said...

Oh, how can I relate, let me count the ways...To this post, as well as to the types of problems you seem to have with your mother. Oh, sometimes if only the walls could talk.

peace, love and happiness...


Jeannie said...

I agree - why DO we have to convert people instead of enjoying diversity? If what they are doing isn't effecting what you do then there really shouldn't be an issue. They don't need to know you think they're stupid.

I will disagree with someone who I think is putting a topic out for debate - I don't think I'm argumentative and definitely not bullying - just offering another perspective.

Nellie said...

Thanks you guys. It's good to know I'm not the only one out there who wants to be chill. It's one thing to offer suggestions or a point of view, it's another to bully.

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VV is the shit
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