Sunday, July 19, 2009

People in NY are Rude and I hate them, sorry if you are one.

We ended up renting a car to go to NY because it was cheaper than taking the train. But that means we had to drive into the city which kind of sucked. If you don't drive there regularly and know your way around, man, that place is a maze. All the one ways and shit, people running into the road and then screaming at you when you almost hit them. Actually, and maybe I've been in the country for too long, but people are mean, nasty, rude assholes in that city. Sorry NY, you guys have awesome food though.
We decided to leave on Thursday night, we stopped in Holyoke and then rented a cheap room for the night. We got some dope that was really good and I must have overdone it for my first shot because I was puking my brains out all night and into the next day. Now, mind you, as far as opiates goes, for me anyhow, puking is a good thing. I equate barfing hard with the dope being good. But usually I puke a few times and then it's smooth sailing, or nodding, for the night. But I could hardly enjoy myself I was so sick. I puked in the room, on the walk to the store, in the store, on the way back from the store, in Denny's the next day, out the side of the car, in the Bronx... at McDonalds, and then I bought some Dramamine and wish I'd thought of that a lot sooner. I got used to it by Saturday but I was so faded by then that we decided to just go home and sleep and skipped Boston. Lame, I know. We were pretty much out of money by then anyhow. If I hadn't had to work tonight I would have gone. So we drove home, got high and cleaned our place up a bit.
I read some bad reviews about Terminal 5 before we left. I figured people were just being people, loving to bitch, but the place does kind of suck. It's just really hard to see anything or move around. And they could only play till midnight, and we got there late to begin with. Oh well, at least we got to do something outside of our town. Having grown up in and around Boston, you'd think I would like being in the city. I do like it most of the time and think about moving back all the time, maybe we were just in a crappy part. It was slammed with tourists and all the shit that goes with that.

I've noticed that police activity has waned recently. maybe it's because Bush isn't our pres anymore and not as much money is going to the Drug War. When I stopped using illicit opiates and switched to the legal type about five years back the whole place was swarming with police. It's a lot more like the good ol days again lately. Right to the spot, no problems and we're out. For a few years the cops were just so bad, they were everywhere and mean, and quick to pull out a gun. Now people are all out walking around again instead of staying in houses as much. Oh, and holy shit, get this. In Mass. it's illegal to buy needles w/out a script, EXCEPT in Chicopee County where Springfield and Holyoke are. I guess too many people were getting sick from used needles, so now you can buy ten a day at any pharmacy and you can exchange them at any fire department. How cool is that? Awesome, it's about time people make some reasonable laws. People are going to use a needle if that's what they want to do. Isn't it better to use a clean one? I wish I knew that before using a dull ass point all weekend. I'd use a new needle every time a shoot if I could get them that easy up here. Used to be you could. We used to buy them from Wal-Mart Pharm until they stopped selling them. I think poor habits and dirty needles is what causes a lot of problems which plague addicts. I use and have used needles a ton and have hardly any scarring. Unless I point it out, you really wouldn't notice. But sharp points make all the difference. Massachusetts is looking like a good place to move to. What with the decriminalization of marijuana and new needle laws. I may just move there.
I don't know if I'm lucky or fucked. I met a kid who will drive to meet me with wicked cheap bundles. I could make some good money if, of course, I didn't just use it all. That's another sign of good times. You know there's mad dope out there when people selling weight are recruiting customers. Where we go, if you have VT or NH plates people know you're probably buying a lot at a time and taking it back up north, same reason the cops target us. I don't know, only time will tell.
Thank God for methadone or I'd feel super shitty today. Although all I wish I could do is go home and sleep, sleep, sleep forever.


Boston Joe said...

hey... you can buy needles in any pharmacy in mass w/o perscription as long as you are over 21 and show ID. Not sure how they treat out of state IDs though. I live in Boston and have bought em everywhere in Mass from in the city to the worcester burbs where I work. New law started last year (08).

Gledwood said...

American trains sound like British ones then. Fucking ridiculous. Only difference being American trains seem to be some bizarre transportational sideline out your side whereas here they're so overcrowded it's like a fucking cattletruck ride. Absolutely ridiculous and whoppingly overpriced.
Our methadone is 1mg in 1ml which means 100mg is a small glass full. I think this is to stop people injecting this. And it's far too gloopy to boil down. Is it true American methadone is 10mg per 1ml? So you could fit 20mg in a 2ml syringe?... Do lots of folks shoot it up then? What does it feel like? I never hit up methadone except a tiny bit when I was desperately sick once...
You used to get methadone amps 50mg in 1ml from private doctors quite easily. They retailed on the street at £8-£10 each. Some people really liked them but I never bothered when you could get pukka heroin nearer and easier...
Our green meth tastes like the medicine you had as a kid and secretly wanted to drink the entire bottle bc it was so nice... Just like that~ waHEY!!!

Anonymous said...

How pathetic that you would choose to live live somewhere b/c you can by needles and smoke pot legally. And now you're thinking about being a drug dealer. You'll get what you deserve, loser.

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VV is the shit
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