Thursday, March 4, 2010

Despite the fact that I'm going through some major transitions lately, and even though I'm uncomfortable and stressed out a lot, I'm really trying to focus on changing the patterns that brought me to this place. I want to make choices that create a different life for me. I want to feel successful and happy, like I've done something that meant something. So every post, I want to include something that reminds me of a positive goal of mine.
So, I started with some easy and obvious. I've always been into learning about natural medicine and health. I've kind of let my interests in that area fall to the wayside as my health as deteriorated over the fast few years. I want to regain my health and reignite the interests I once had. I've always wanted to study at Kripalu Yoga and Meditation Center in Massachusetts. So here is a pic of their catalog, to remind me of what I love.

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Jeannie said...

I bought some Yoga dvds a while ago in anticipation of having my own space staked out in the house but I haven't even opened them yet. Well, the dog chewed up the outer box for me.

I've always loved the poses and stretches in yoga. I'm not sure about the spiritual side of it other than symbolically which is probably what it's meant to be.

The yoga centres here are all in the downtown areas which are a nightmare to find good parking in so I just can't make myself go. Plus they are rather expensive. I'd want to really be sure I'd continue before making that kind of financial commitment.

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VV is the shit
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