Thursday, March 4, 2010

This is a picture of me at the beach in Hampton Beach NH.
I love the ocean. I'm not sure if I prefer the ocean in winter, or summer.
The beach in winter is nice because there aren't a lot of people, laying all over the sand, that you have to wind around to walk along. It's quiet and you can very clearly hear the water and the seagulls. You can bring your dogs to the beach in winter, and nobody cares. You can eat lobster at the seaside fry shacks, and it's much cheaper than in the summer. And it's very easy to find a place to sit. It's easy to find parking as well. You can park right in front of the sand, in any spot you like, there are so few other cars it kind of looks as if you were parked in the middle of the road.
But in the summer, there are so many people that it seems like a party everyday. All the stores are open and it's balmy and the salt makes your skin feel tight. There are ice cream stands open late into the night. You can swim without a wetsuit, and lay in the sun. Get a tan, wear hardy any clothes and it's entirely acceptable.
Maybe I'm simply being lazy right now, but if you go by my pro/con list, the winter is clearly better. Which is weird, I would have thought the summer would have many more positives. I'm sure I've left many out.


Jeannie said...

I would hands down prefer the beach in the summer. I hate the cold. I wish I lived near the ocean - or closer to one of the Great Lakes. We're a couple hours away from Huron, Erie and Ontario.

Nellie said...

Jeannie - I hear you. I was thinking about it this morning on my drive, and I was like, I forgot about all the fruit, and posicles, and the smell of suntan lotion. I don't mind the cold though, most of the time.
I'd rather not move too far from the ocean again, ever. Having grown up so close to the sea, I really have an affinity for it. Mike and I have thought about moving down to Cape Cod, because Massachusetts has really good lax weed laws, especially compared to NH.
You guys probably have a lot of nive rivers up there though? That was what I liked about VT summers. The rivers in the woods and the waterfalls. Too bad you aren't closer to one of the Great Lakes, they are practically like the ocean.

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