Saturday, March 13, 2010

I'm having a hard time writing anything lately. I've felt drained, tired, unbalanced, and uninspired. I feel as if I have a lot I need to do. Keep my Mom's house clean and orderly, dig out last year's tax forms from the storage space, clean, like, every closet and drawer in the entire place because my Mom is a pack rat, create an e-bay site for her store in Westport, and try to find time to re-write a more current version of my own business plan. And I wanted to take advantage of the warm weather and rake the front lawn today. I should probably make that a priority because my Mom, not so wisely, moved to a small, tidy, suburban neighborhood where we have become the freaks on the block. People who are very quiet and typical have been forced to witness the police arresting people from here, my sister chasing her boyfriend around the yard in her car, even cadaver dogs searching their yards for my brother whom my Mother was convinced had shot himself (he didn't). So I think I should do what I can to make them hate us as little as possible, at least over anything new. I'd like for my sister to move out and then we could try to become as invisible as possible. So, back to the topic at hand, which is that I have to put off all the other crap to rake the front lawn. Mostly because my siblings are disgusting and throw cigarettes, tea bags, and other various trash type items all over the driveway and lawn. Why? Probably because they are lazy and thoughtless. And they figure that someone else, namely my Mom or myself, will clean it up eventually.

So, I really have nothing to write about. Or rather, I have plenty I could write about, but am not going to because I feel crappy and tired. And I have a lot to do. So, until later.


Jeannie said...

Your siblings don't even think so far as someone picking up the junk. They simply don't care. I doesn't even occur to them that it might not be attractive. They are so wrapped up in themselves, I doubt they even have a clue that they might be disrupting the neighborhood. In fact, I'm pretty sure they'd get all in a tizzy if someone showed any displeasure as if they had no right to expect people to behave reputably.
My husband's family are like that. Drama is all that's important.

Nellie said...

Jeannie - I think you hit the nail right on the head. They don't think about anything outside of themselves. They made fun of me for raking at all. They would get mad if a neighbor said something, they do. But so far, all the neighbbors have been pretty nice to me since I've been trying to be as nice as possible.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Your sibs are jerks, man. Poor you. My brother is a damn yuppy. We all have our skeletons in the familial closet.

Love you, Nellie.


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VV is the shit
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