Friday, March 5, 2010

Positively Perfect Palominos

These are my picks for today for my post about something positive to help remind me of my goals. I know it probably seems so typical; girl loves horses, what's new? But I guess I just have to accept the obvious, and admit that, yes, I am just another girl who loves horses. I used to want to be a cowboy when I was really little. And because I went to that crazy school I could get away with crazy outfits. I loved to wear my whole cowgirl get up, the boots, jeans, even the hat. But I eventually took riding lessons and it ended up being in the English style. No fancy saddle, no horn to hold onto. But I loved it, and I was pretty good. So I rode and did 4H and other shows for a bunch of years until I went away for school. Then it was too hard to find time to care for them the way they needed to be cared for. We had a couple horses at our own house by then; my dad had built a really crazy, not very functional, but very beautiful barn against a hill in our back yard. It was really sad to sell my horse, she was a really pretty quarter horse named Middy. But anyway, I really haven't ridden in, like, at least ten years, maybe more. And one of my goals is to start again. I want to take lessons somewhere locally. Just once or twice a week at first. Maybe I can find somewhere that will trade labor for lessons. It would be great exercise and I would feel like I was doing something true to myself. Anyway, the pictures are of Palomino horses. If I ever have my own horses again some day, I want one to be a Palomino. I've always thought they were so beautiful. I like how their mane and tail are lighter than their coats. They are so golden and light-filled. Anyway. Positive something for today.


Jeannie said...

Horses are certainly gorgeous creatures. I was not one of those girls who wanted a horse to ride - I loved dogs (a little more attainable perhaps). I did ride a few times but not well - no one told me what to do and I'm not a natural. The horses knew I wasn't in control so they did what they wanted. I'm lucky they didn't throw me. I had a few friends who had horses.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I had a palomino Tennessee walking horse when I was a kid. I also took riding lessons, but I wanted English, and all they had in Buttfuck, Ohio, was western instruction. I haven't ridden in years either.

Love, SB

Nellie said...

Jeannie - I think you're right, horses, all animals actually, can definitely tell if we're not feeling in control. I've come to love dogs too, maybe more than horses in a way. But I want to ride again more for my health at this point. I think it may help improve my physical and mental well being.

SB - I'm so jealous! Do you have a picture of where you grew up, and of your horse? I would love to see pictures of that, I think Tennessee is beautiful. Definitely horse country, huh? I bet your horse was so gorgeous. I wouldn't mind riding either style, at this point, but I'll probably stick with English because of where I am and what I know already. It's still just a dream anyhow, it may help if I could drive myself there, huh?

Sarcastic Bastard said...

No pictures, love, sorry. Not a one.

His name was Harley, and the former owners had abused him. He had scars on his neck and chest and, as a result, was very flighty and high-strung. Poor fellow. I would like to get a hold of the former owners with an aluminum baseball bat. I kid you not.

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