Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fuck the War on Drugs - Legalize Heroin!!!

I wish so many times a day that I could go back in time, retaining the characteristics of the person I have become, yet able to do over the things I regret. Most of what I would do over would be the way I interacted with people over the years. If I knew then what I know now about human nature I could have saved myself so much trouble. I would never take back my drug use. Sure, it caused problems; I'm just not positive those problems were caused by simply abusing drugs or because people in this country are freaks when it comes to addicts. I don't think I deserved to be arrested. I wasn't doing anything wrong, just minding my own business, quietly getting well in my car, parked safely. I wouldn't have driven anywhere until I had stabilized (meaning stopped nodding out in an hour or so). I paid for my purchase fair and square. I really and truly don't think there is anything inherently wrong or bad about people who medicate themselves with derivatives of plants which obviously evolved to do what they do for a reason.

If you read a lot of the addiction blogs on here, many of the people who admit to full out addiction have had pretty painful lives. Whether psychological or physical, many were abused from a very early age. How can anyone believe they have the right to deny another the relief they seek? Do they think they're doing them a favor? Saving us from ourselves? Maybe if they listened to us, we could save the world from itself. If drugs weren't illegal, most of the issues which caused any of us to hit our "bottom", would never have occurred. If drugs weren't illegal, dealers wouldn't be able to charge exorbitant prices or demand any number of favors in return for product. If addicts could simply buy the drugs they needed at reasonable prices, most of us would go about our business just like everyone else, you'd hardly even know we were "high". I can't tell you how many people were shocked to learn that I was high on H for, like, years. They had no idea, they just thought I was tired or quiet and had heavy eyes I guess.

Eventually addicts find a dosage that works for them. It is retarded to say that every addict just does more and more until they die. Most of us don't actually want to die, we just want to be happy and calm. After some time, every addict will find a ball park dose that works and unless there is some kind of major and unsuspected variance in purity, it's difficult to OD. For a while, use will increase steadily, but eventually it gets to the point where you're not gonna get more high, you're just gonna die or fall asleep and you learn what amount does that for you. There's always the fluke but if drugs were legal, purity could be regulated, people would know what they were getting and OD would be practically unheard of.

Honestly, how do people walk around with blinders so securely fastened? How can the generally intelligent person believe all the Drug War propaganda? Isn't it obvious that it's all about money? There's so much money being made, no one wants to alter the system because then, God forbid, there may be a shift in power. It's really no different than the way we cleave to our gas guzzling autos when we know that for the preservation of the world we should stop. But we don't. Why? The money. The money made from oil, the money it would cost to change the current set-up.

I'm sure if anyone read these posts, they would be pissed. All the Anons, don't bother. Let's just agree to disagree. I'll never want to be and you'll never want to be me. My dream is not the American Dream. I do not want to have 2.5 kids and get married and live in the suburbs. I would feel like I was giving up life. And I'm sure you don't want to rage across the world seeking every pleasure imaginable, you'd feel selfish and glutinous, perhaps you may feel like you were also giving up life. So be it.

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AnnaGrace said...


I just do not understand why so many people, even intelligent people don't think this war on drugs is just government propaganda.

The CIA is the biggest drug dealer of all.

Amsterdam has the closest law to legalizing drugs. Its not legal to buy and sell heroin, its just decriminalized. Which means you get a fine, not jail if your caught buying or selling. Weed is legal in Amsterdam. They treat Heroin addiction with Heroin.

Of course our country keeps this from us, and would never allow the media to tell us how much safer Amsterdam is than the USA.

Hopefully Amsterdam will go even further and legalize drugs completely, and regulate them by the government. It would make the government a lot of money, and it in turn make taxes lower, and crime even lower.

The upside to legalizing all drugs is so much more than making them illegal, it just makes no sense to me why all countries don't legalize drugs. Most of Europe has much more lenient laws regarding drugs.

Anywho, just putting in my two cents.

Lots of love, and hope that someday drugs will be legal here in America.
Anna Grace

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