Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Thirteen Little Burps of Bitching Because My Mind is Good for Nothing Else:

1. Tired, Tired, Tired. Got tricked into working a shift for a co-worker - agreed to it - so stupid! Eight days straight - Need a day off!!

2. So mad at Mikey. He's a....I don't know what he is but when I think of how to describe it I notice I am gnashing my teeth, curling my lip, and growling barely audibly thinking about what I wish I could do to him right now. And they are NOT nice things.

3. Left side of head, above my eye slightly, basically right on my temple is swollen and hurts because above mentioned ASSHOLE thought a normal response to me not wanting to go to a loan appointment, that he made without asking me, was to sucker punch me in the side of the head.

4. You DO NOT punch people when they are not looking at you. Ex. Don't punch someone in the back of the head. If you do, you have no right to feel vindicated because you are a pussy that fights like a bitch.

5. If you are a man or even posing as a man or a very large, mean woman - you are not cool if you hit women. Unless you are totally getting your ass beat and then a little defensive flailing may be acceptable.

6. Boys, if your girl breaks up w/you, and you want to come off as nonchalant, then you need to stay cool, calm, collected. Think 'whatever'. Not, 'Well, fuck you, get out of MY house and give me back my shirt, bitch!'. Everyone knows when you act like that it's because inside you feel sad and ditched and you're scared to be alone. Take it like a man.

7. Settling for anything in life is basically the same as giving up. Is it not worth it or do you feel like you're not worth it? Okay, I realize that doesn't make sense to anyone but me; but not to worry since I am basically the number one reader of my own blog. It's all about me, don't you know?

8. I am writing like this as a list because my brain is frazzled. Have had no sleep. Sat outside in the field by house today for, like, three hours because I knew if I went inside I would massacre Mikey and destroy things of my own in my wrathful smackdown.

9. I haven't lost it like I lost it today in years. But I also haven't been sucker punched in years either. I don't know what the fuck he was thinking. He knows me well enough to know enough to be scared.

10. I may have busted his nose. But only as retaliation. Doh.

11. I am so sick of Mikey's whiny, complaining, never-take-responsibilty for anything, sweaty, pale, lazy, pathetic ass. It's so fucked up that so many people (myself) get stuck in places they don't want to be because even though they (I) work more than full-time we don't make enough money to live alone. It makes me consider prostitution. Oh, wouldn't that be the same thing?

Okay, I had two more points here but I had to come back and edit them because they were a little too mean. So I will reluctantly and awkwardly end here because, well, just because.

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VV is the shit
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