Friday, May 22, 2009

Oh My God, I am so annoyed. I just wrote a whole post and it turns out Panera kicked me off line a while ago but I couldn't tell. The page stayed up and it seemed like everything was cool until I tried to publish my post and it wouldn't. It wouldn't even save it. That sucks. I wish I could go out to the car and smoke a bowl and then get another drink and maybe I'd feel like sitting here writing a new post. But since I have no license and you never know when Big Brother is watching, I'm sort of reluctant. Plus it would mean having to lug all my shit outside so nobody makes off with my stuff. I just don't know. Everything annoys me so much lately.


Anonymous said...

What is the name of that oozing blue flower on your side bar?

Anonymous said...

Does Mikey's mouth still look like the picture in the H days?
He's an ass for sucker punching you!

Nellie said...

Yes, you are entirely correct, he is an ass, and not just for sucker punching me. He's just a dick all around. In fact, I'm at this moment tuning out his fucked up looking mouth which is currently calling me a cunt for not wanting to eat some shitty breakfast at some half-ass convenient store breakfast place where I'll probably get food poisoning. Honestly, I can't stand him but I'm totally stuck because I have so many expenses I can't save up enough to leave. I'm thinking about just applying to school which I want to do anyway and then I can just move into a dorm, that's a good idea, right?

Oozing blue flower is a poppy. That's what heroin comes from. You scrape that ooze off and that is raw opium. Then you basically cook that down, add bunch of acids and let it dry and how well you do that depends on how good your heroin is. Of course that's ridiculously oversimplified, but it's the basic gist.

Robb said...

Damn, but I hate "Anonymous" commenters! Too bloody proud to put your name to it, aye?

Y'all gotta do what you did today. Tune him out. But, keep your eyes wide open. Ain't nobody got no fucking right to whack anyone unless they are under physical attack.

You're ripe for a pick-up at where you left off on the H, girl. Another bowl and another drink will get to the point where it just don't work no more. Then, it's off to the real insanity, not what's goin' down in your life today.

You've been down (and down) that path before. Don't go back. I don't know your life from then, but I can guess that it sure as fuck wasn't pretty. I also think that if you sat down and made a list of honest pros & cons comparing today to then, y'all might just see that today is a damned sight better! Even if everything is annoying you so much lately...

Oh, and btw, no need to reply to this here in the comment box. I never follow up my comments with a 2nd visit, so I'd never know about it anyhoo. Y'all care to reply, just go to my profile on Blogger and email me. Well, only if'n you want to. hehe, who the heck am *I* to tell anyone to do anything??!!
hm, 'ceptin' folk who comment anonymously... ..{:-)..

Keep The Faith*

legally_barb said...

makes me think of the old saying that when a normal person's car breaks down, they call Triple-A, but when an addict's car breaks down, they call suicide hotline. ;-) sucks to have an entire post disappear though! when that happens to me I just copy and paste the text into a word doc or notepad until I can get back online - that is if I haven't lost it already. anyway - just found your blog - thanks for posting!

Nellie said...

Thanks to all who commented. Always good to know people are out there. To Legally barb - I can totally be that person with my broken down car overreacting sometimes (okay, maybe a lot). And to Robb - always appreciate your input. It takes someone with success in being clean to know how hard it is to stay clean when things get hard. You are right that things are better today and I should be careful if I don't want to end up back there. Whatever is happening today is not as bad as some of the places I've been. Thanks Again.

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VV is the shit
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