Friday, May 15, 2009

Gushy Gardening Goo

Well, well, well....It is finally spring. We recently moved again, as some may know. And although the decision was made quickly regarding our new residence, I think there are more good things about it than bad. Perhaps we could have benefited had we the patience to hold out for a place with no neighbors. Principally because of the dogs but also our interest in gardening.
There was one small plot in our new yard which had been set aside for a garden. I thought we had asked the landlord about it already and made it clear we would like to use it, but now our neighbors are using it and they don't even want to share. Well, ha ha to them, because I'm going to plant a better garden on my deck in buckets. I don't care if that sentiment proves how immature I am. I've already started a bunch of different Morning Glory seeds in pots so we can have them climb up the railing, I've got the classic periwinkle blue, a deep, dark, velvety purple, and a fuscia. But it doesn't end there; oh, no, we even have the white Moon Flower type that bloom in the moonlight. When I have my own house (some day in a time far, far away when my credit doesn't suck and I have a down payment to speak of) I am going to have a Moon Garden, all planted with white flowering, or silver-leaved plants so that it glows in the moonlight. I've seen pictures of them and they're so beautiful. But back to my current little porch garden. Hopefully my Sweet Peas will take and they can intertwine with the Morning Glory as they climb the railing.
We have some peppers and herbs already and a blue glazed pot full of salad greens almost ready to eat. The most expensive thing about this garden plan so far is the pots to put everything in, nice pots are not cheap. And you need quite large pots for veggies like tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant. I have also stashed away some summer bulbs, like my favorite Gladiolas, Lily of the Valley, and Freesia. Those can be planted at the base of the deck if I turn up a little bit of the grass. It's a bit late but they'll still be ready around August for cutting for bouquets. There's nothing like a huge, thick, bunch of multi-colored neon Gladiolas towering over a plain glass vase in the summer. And of course I have packets of Zinnias because not many annuals can beat them for hardiness, ease, and color for a quick cut flower. And they are so bright and cheery.
And that is just the beginning, we haven't even gone shopping for the bulk of our veggies yet. I used to work at a place called Walker Farm in Dummerston, Vermont. It's an organic, family-owned fruit, flower, and veggie farm and that's where I want to buy most of our plants. When I worked there we were allowed to take piles of discarded plants out of the 'to be composted' pile. If they were yellowing or overgrown, they weren't up to par for sale so they were composted. It was all you could want of lettuce, tomatoes, and pansies. Back to my enchanted, prize-worthy, porch garden.
I've been collecting rocks and crystals and shells since I can remember, as has Mike. I once met these girls in Evergreen, Washington who had so many crystals in their house that they lined the walls in small piles. It resembled a cave of buried treasure, all sparkling and multi-toned gems. Apparently one of the girls was an aspiring geologist and had been collecting rocks on a colossal scale since kindergarten. Ever since then I have wanted piles of crystals for myself. And although I have nowhere close to what they had, my collection isn't too shabby. And so I've lined them all along the edge of the railing out on the deck so they can shine in the sun, well, I mostly put the non-precious, colorless ones outside. But it's still really pretty with a bunch of shells and huge chunks of gray rock dotted with quartz chunks. Crystals get bleached of their color by the sun if they sit exposed for too long.
I keep trying to persuade Mike to let me get a little table and a bench or something so we can sit and read out there, or even eat meals looking out over the 30 acre field below us. We may even be able to forget that the railing is about to fall over and the floor of the deck is made of three uneven slabs of concrete. I'll take pictures of my garden project development, that way the whole small, small world of interested bloggers can witness my dream rise to fruition.

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