Sunday, May 17, 2009

Must See Mucha

Ever since I was a little girl and had a cast-off Mucha poster from my twenty-something year old uncle. The pictures held a certain mystery and romance for me, I thought they were so beautiful. Even when he uses delicate and creamy colors there is something sensual about his women. They all seem so sure of themselves, so comfortable in their own skin. The images are drenched in my eyes with decadence and luxury. In my most perfect life I would be one of these women because you know they always get what they want. What's crazy is that a lot of people believe that Apphonse Mucha is not a true artist because his images were used mainly in advertisements. I think that's a crock, if it is appealing and was created through the human imagination, it is art. Everyone should rest their eyes on a Mucha before they die.

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VV is the shit

VV is the shit
We all have to love VV