Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The dummy's haven't figured out I can get onto Blogger now when I'm on the back gate computer. Ha, Ha!

Ha, Ha! to me when they find out and fire me or something for writing about all kinds of crap. Oh, well...until that time comes.

I love the nights when I have a good book, good food and something good to smoke. Got a fatty, on my way out to enjoy, savor and relax to.....then I can eat my food oh so appreciatively. Yummy.

I love food. I love to eat. Maybe a little too much. There is just something so calm and relaxing about really good tasting, eye catching, aromatic food. Good food is one of the things that make me think the world could be a true paradise if stupid people got their priorities straight. Food, not war.

When I visit my Mom by the NH coast I just have to go to one of those fried seafood places right on the marsh. Those big wooden beach restaurants with picnic tables inside to sit at. Where you order you food at the counter and they fry it up right there, or steam you a lobster or clams if that's your thing. I love lobster but I hate full belly clams, strips are good though. Mikey and I usually share a fisherman's platter but we get the one with the fried lobster too. MMMmmm, it's friedliciously good.


Jeannie said...

Wish we lived anywhere near the coast - I absolutely LOVE lobster and most other seafood. If it's fresh. Here - it isn't always so good so I avoid it.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I'm with you on the food thing, too, Nellie. Fuck, I love to eat. I especially love Italian. Greek is good, too. I also love good seafood.

Food not war. Loved that.

Love you 2,


Noah said...

Hullo Nellie -

I loved that word you used in your post - friediciously heh :) When I was small my aunt used to make these fried treats she called 'bear sign', they were just canned biscuits that she would cut in half then roll into balls, deep fry them quickly, drain them on a paper towel and put some powdered sugar/cinnamon on them. They resemble bear shit I guess but when I read 'friediciously', they were the first thing I thought of...thanks for the great memory.

I hope everything works out for you and you hang in there, sounds like you are being used in a not so good way...and that is just not fair to you.


Nellie said...

Jeannie & SB - I knew you guys would be with me on the food thing. I can tell you're both women after my own heart - aware of the important things in life. I, personally, would rather die a bit on the chubby side rather than deprive myself of the good things in life.

Noah - Good to hear from you. Glad you're alive and well enough. Those fried dough balls sound damn good, even if they do resemble bear poo! And thanks for the positive words - I'm on my way to figuring out a new situation for sure!

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