Sunday, October 25, 2009

Who doesn't Want a Porcupine Ring?

In this months Oprah magazine there is a way better picture of these rings and more. I told Mikey I want one for Christmas but...he can't even remember, after seven years, that I hate grape soda. He still brings me grape soda unless I remind him, "No Grape!"


Gledwood said...

Those porkupine rings are strictly for chicks who like punching other chicks in the face and causing major damage!

Jeannie said...

My advice is: don't set yourself up for disappointment. If you really want it - buy it yourself. My husband has never listens to my wish list and just gets me whatever he stumbles upon - usually because it's a good deal. It used to bother me but over the years I learned that he does this to everyone - the kids will often say they just want money for Christmas because they don't want the money wasted on crap they don't want. On the other hand, he sometimes gets some really great stuff...but not always.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Men are assholes (except for Gledwood).

Nellie said...

Yeah, Gleds, maybe you are right. It certainly would serve that purpose well, wouldn't it?

Jeannie & SB - I probably will buy it for myself, eventually.

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VV is the shit
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