Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mmmm, bacon.

As anyone can probably ascertain from the sudden increase in pointless posts, I am slightly over-excited about getting Internet hook-up at my apartment. Finally. I haven't had my own, private Internet connection from my own home in years. And the last time it only lasted briefly, as it was during our using years and bill paying was not top priority. But slowly, yet surely, things have been improving in our life. I have always felt pretty sure about the fact that one day I will be okay, one day I will not have to worry about money, one day I will have a house of my own, and a car that I don't have to worry might break down, I just know, deep down, that I can accomplish all that I desire. I've never doubted that it will be. It just sometimes seems that it shouldn't be quite so difficult to get there. But then sometimes it doesn't seem so difficult. Though I am not at my final destination, I feel as if things are getting easier. And a lot of things have gone wrong lately, so I should be frantic if I were following my own patterns, but I'm not. Things have worked out pretty well, in spite of the monkey wrench which flings itself in the cogs of my life wheel more frequently than I feel necessary.

I just have to mention this, I have found the perfect way to make bacon. Oddly, I discovered this fine tidbit in a recent issue of Cosmo, the one with Megan Fox on the cover. You know, I don't really like that girl. She's pretty enough but she just seems so, I don't know, blah I guess. Not nice, empty-ish and concerned with frivolous things more so than even other celebrities. I really don't know much about her but I read her interview and thought it sucked. But back to the bacon, which is, honestly, more yummy to me than Megan Fox. Mmm, bacon. Which I have to get off my ass and make by.....Set your oven to 400 F, then I take a 9 x 11 in. glass pan and I put a metal cooling rack across the top of it so that as the bacon cooks, the grease drips below into the pan which is way healthier. (Although, it should be made clear that the health factor is not the reason I like to make the bacon this way. It really does come out awesome.) So anyway, I lay about seven or eight slices across the cooling rack and let it cook for about twenty minutes until done to your satisfaction. I use the thick sliced bacon that you can buy by the slice at the deli counter, it comes out the best. I'll try to get a picture. Anyhow. gotta get to it. Then take the dogs out and then steam clean the doggie accidents out of my carpet using my crappy little tiny steamer because my big one broke last night, that should take forever. Then I have to go through the mountain of bills piling up on my kitchen table.
Although, throughout all that work there has to be some play... on a Saturday, no less. A fine cool, sunny fall day. I want to post some pics of the foliage out here. And some of Mikey's new glass-bowing shed he's set up on our back deck. (yeah, the landlord okay'd the shack, but I'm not sure how he's going to feel if he ever figures out what he's doing inside, I guess we'll find out. We're trying to get it set up first and ready to be inspected by the town if necessary. He's a pretty mellow guy so I'm not really worried. And our neighbor welds stuff in his shed, so Mikey's torch is way smaller than that) Anyhow, pics later and I can't wait to roam around and read all my favorites from the comfort of my own home once I have a sec when I don't know I should really be doing my chores. Until later.


Jeannie said...

I don't know how much Mikey makes with the pipes - but I'll bet he could make a good whack selling Christmas ornaments at this time of year...and could likely charge more for them being one of a kind etc - at least as much if not more than a pipe. And I don't think it would be that much more difficult (maybe stay away from globes and do more of a drop ornament.)

Nellie said...

Jeannie - I totally agree. I've been on his case to mke ornaments for years. I can picture them a million ways, but i suck at blowing glass, so I try to explain to him how to design them. I think he thinks it's stupid because he wouldn't buy them. I try to tell him us women would and a lot of other men too. Like icicles on satin ribbon would be so pretty. He could make singles or sets. We're trying to get enough stuff together for a local pumpkin fest, mostly rings and other jewelry and I keep telling him to do the ornaments. I'm going to show him your comment and hopefully the fact that someone else mentioned it w/out my prompting will be a catalyst.

Gledwood said...

Congratulations on joining the techno-privileged! I still use an internet cafe!

Nellie said...

Gleds - it's such a different feeling not having to worry when time will run out or wondering when you'll be interupted again. And I'm not blocked from anything at home like I am at work, finally maybe I can put up some music. You do a really amazing job of getting some pretty cool stuff on your blog for using public places to post. You don't run into trouble with video downloading and what not?

Sarcastic Bastard said...

SO GLAD you have Internet access again. I missed you!



Gledwood said...

Videodownloading... the videos get horribly snarled up sometimes and you end up looking at dots running in a circle...
... but as for installing youtube screens, no I just do it.

I DO get trouble if I decide to comment on everyone's blog I know. Something in the comptuer doesn't like it and I have to reset. The netcafe owners hate that and I even got banned from one bc he couldn't understand what I was doing to mess up his machines!

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VV is the shit
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