Sunday, October 25, 2009

What is Wrong with People?

I don't know why it's bothering me so much but my upstairs neighbors are having a baby in, like, five months and they are the biggest fuck heads - it's making me worry for them, the baby, and myself if it gets to that point (I hope to God it does not). First, the boyfriend is completely unfaithful to the girl. I watch him bring girls up to their apartment all the time while his gf is at work, pregnant with their child. He is unemployed, again. He had a job for about three months at one point but has since been laid off. Right before we moved in he was released from jail for his second drug selling offense. He was already on probation for selling coke and then he does it again. We live in a really small town, the police know what everyone does. It doesn't help that if you could see through trees, you'd be able to see the popo dept.
So the last and second time he was jailed she was pregnant too. She had a miscarriage - probably due at least partially to the stress of being left to pay for an apartment all by herself when she's been living off coke money since they met. So she has a miscarriage while he's in jail, then about three and a half months ago she had a cyst removed from her uterus - and now she's pregnant again! And the doctors (she says, and it makes sense) tell her any undue stress, mental or physical could cause another miscarriage. Apparently the boyfriend doesn't care too much about the impact of his actions on her. And she doesn't seem too swift either. They have no health insurance - because she didn't pick up the option her work gave her last year because she said she needed all the $ to support herself because duffus was in jail. Really? She couldn't spare thirty dollars a week? And instead of waiting a few months to get her pregnant so she could pick up the insurance this year, they don't and now they won't pick her up after the fact. To me, that is just stupid! Why begin your life as a family in mega debt that could have been avoided? Do they have any idea how much it costs to have a baby? Well apparently they didn't until I said something when I found out they had no health coverage. I was all "Oh, shit! That's got to be at least twenty thousand in the hole! Ouch!" Because my first boyfriend, his mom had him when she was fifteen, she had no insurance. We met when he was twenty and she was still bitching about how she was still paying for his birth! So now the dumb asses have decided he should start selling cocaine again to make ends meet. Maybe getting a JOB would be a good idea.
He's still on probation, his prob officer stops by unannounced, he has to check in at least monthly(pee tests and such) and he's been ratted out twice previously. If he gets caught selling again he's going to jail for, like, ten years. He's also been in trouble for flashing a gun at some kids at Friendly's because they made disparaging remarks about his dead brother. Grow up! A Gun?!? For real, you sell like a half oz a week, if that! And he thinks he's, like, some kind of baller! Who you gonna shoot, you idiot? Anyhow, doesn't he realize he could easily miss his baby being born? What if she miscarries again when he gets arrested, again. And they way he runs his mouth and brags and flaunts money and drives around in the middle of the night w/product and a scale in his whoopdy (sp?)-ass 1995 Honda Civic - he's asking for it.
Now, all this stresses me out just because it sucks to think that yet another child is being brought into this world with a dickhead for a father and an idiot for a mother, with no health insurance taboot. But that is not my main issue. My real concern is that he keeps sticking his F'n cocaine in Mikey's face. And I've heard Mike, on several occasions say he's not interested and please to not tell him about it. But then he asks to borrow our digi scale (which has never been used to weight powder drugs, only weed and methadone for us these days. If we buy dope it's recreational for a special day, certainly not enough to need to weigh). Wow, he must be really big time if he doesn't even have his own scale. He does now because we didn't even want it back after he used it because it smelled so bad of coke. Mikey has promised he has no desire to get high, but I can't help wondering if he's just appeasing me until I go to work and then, Whammo! I am not giving my money to those F'n losers. And if our neighbor really considered Mike a friend, then he wouldn't be enticing him with drugs when he knows our history and has been told to keep it away from us.
On Friday night, as soon as the shit was dropped off at his house (by what looked like high school kids) he's calling Mike up asking if he wants to come up and check it out. That time Mike did blow him off and declined saying we were eating and he didn't really care. But he'd already told him that. Is the kid just dumb, or is Mike telling lies? Both? I left him with NO cash and as soon as I got to work I checked our account online so I'll know if any money is missing. I will probably be able to tell if he used too, and he probably knows that. He's such a hypochondriac baby that he'll whine about how shitty he's feeling so much I'll know something is up and if I grill him he'll give it up whether he wants to or not in his bastard little smirk. I also made him swear on his grandfather's soul who is dead and I really don't think he'd do that if was lying. But I'm wicked trusting and always want to believe the best in people and I'd be easy to lie to if you really were intent on lying and didn't care at all how upset I got once I knew the truth. Either way, I have no choice but to trust him because I have to leave for work at some point. And he's there at the house, a grown man whose gonna do what he's gonna do when it comes down to it. Regardless of my wishes, and I know that.
I also know something else - if I find out that that stupid motherF'n loser got Mike to use that shit, when he's at home alone w/out anyone to keep an eye on him especially - I will do everything in my power to make him wish he had acted otherwise. And if Mike dies of an overdose, I swear I will turn him into his P.O. so fast the police will issue me an honorary badge. You fuck with my family, it's war. It's like no one but me can call my sister a slut or my mother a drunk - it's just not cool. Unless you're, like, a social worker or a shrink or something and it's your job to state the obvious regardless of personal feelings. I will tell his bitch about every girl he had ever brought over, I'll tell her every time he's smoked weed and lied about it, I'll tell her how he cat calls our neighbor and asks her to flash her boobs all day long, I'll tell her how he complains about her as soon as she walks away and how he hopes having a baby will make her less clingy. I'll tell her how he tells everyone they're never getting married - he won't be able to walk sideways in front of my window without knowing I'll repeat it to his girlfriend. So he best back off the person who helps pay my rent or there's gonna be problems.
I don't have a problem, morally, with drugs - obviously, as my past clearly illustrates. I don't even think selling drugs is inherently evil. I just think when you're a two time loser with a baby on the way, maybe it's time to look into an alternative source of income. Like a real job. Suck it up, if it's too good to be true, it is. Very few people get rich selling drugs, easy money, fast money, is usually gone money. Gone by the police, or gone by bad spending habits, or both. Read Freakonomics for crying out loud! Over time, most drug dealers are lucky to end up having made minimum wage. He keeps telling Mike that it's only temporary, a month or two. He says he just wants to make five or ten thousand dollars and then he's done. I don't know what planet he sells drugs on but buying the small quantities he's able to afford, he's never gonna make that much money. Especially spending it as he makes it. He doesn't have a job, I think he says he getting $200/wk on unemployment. She works at RentOne Plus or some shit like Rent-a-Center. So we know she's not raking it in. Are they crazy?
He didn't bother me so much at first, at least then he had a job and seemed to be trying. I never liked her because she's one of those girls who hangs all over her boyfriend when other women are around. Like, attached to his arm, guy can't even move w/out bumping into her. And when I see her away from our house she ignores me. I hate that! We live in the same building. She could at least say hello. I always wave, sometimes, like, five times, and she pretends not to see me! I swear. It drives me bonkers. And one time she brought these hideous pleather boots outside, they were obviously way too big for me. She hands them to me and says, "I won't wear these, I'm way to picky". Well, unless you got them used, it looks like you wore the shit out of them. And she dresses like shit and that was really insulting. I dress really nicely when I'm not at work, at work I have to wear an obscenely ugly uniform of gold and black, awesome, but not my fault at all. I took the stupid boots, said "thanks" and threw them away at the dump later that week. At the time I was hoping she'd come to throw her trash away and see them. But then I found out that they haven't brought their trash to the dump for probably the past six months (it's free and about a mile from our house). They've been stacking it in the garage in this little room attached to the back. The pile reached almost to my waist and was torn to pieces and strewn across the floor from the animals at night. Mike and I found their dirty, little secret when we were checking to see if he could use the room to blow glass. The trash discovery led us to buy the shack from Home Depot instead. From all their trash, mice have infested the garage and they are climbing into the engine of their cars and fucking up the wiring. Serves them right, the trasholes.


Jeannie said...

Wow. Crappy neighbors. I'd be tempted to inform on the dickhead just to get rid of them.

Obviously, being responsible parents is NOT one of their priorities. Which brings me to one of my pet peeves - why is the right to reproduce so f*n sacred? As they say - only the stupid people are breeding. Gotta wonder what the human race is gonna end up like in a couple more generations. It would be great if they could come up with an effective semi-permanent mandatory method of birth control that would only be removed when a couple has successfully met the requirements to provide for a child - like a job, parenting classes, no record for x years, some savings...

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Man, what a story.

Nellie said...

I'm glad you guys don't think I'm a total jerk for being annoyed. I'm really hoping they self-destruct and have to move on. It's looking like things might go my way. And, thankfully, Mike's on my side for this one.

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VV is the shit
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