Friday, October 16, 2009

Oh, I wish I had the time to stroll through the posts of all those who always manage to entertain me. I could, of course, shirk all my other responsibilities and lounge here instead. But then Mikey will bitch about me not getting anything done when he gets home with Sam. He just left to drive to Exeter, NH to pick him up(my little brother). They are pretty close friends, blow glass together, smoke buds, go fishing, and make videos for YouTube for hours at a time among other various guy activities. So I need to get our apartment cleaned up for an extra person to be staying here.

First I have to take dogs for a walk - seven dogs, seven little harness collars(so I don't accidentally break their little necks, that would suck), seven leashes - what a pain in the ass! I used to just take them out w/out leashes and shit since I live right in a huge ten acre at least field in the boonies. But my stupid neighbors called the cops on us and complained that the dogs were going to bite their visiting grandchildren. I need to be clear on the point that they never mentioned to us that there was ever an issue they had with the dogs. In fact, we hardly ever encountered them ever because I try to avoid that at all costs. I would always run right from the back door to the field. Every so often someone would come out at the same moment I did, the dogs would run over to them and bark at them for a minute and then we'd be off. No one ever got close to bit. My dogs weigh like four pounds a piece, honestly. You could kick them to the sky in an instant if they did try to bite anyone. But anyway, I want to avoid further issues so I just put their stupid leashes on until we get to the way back of the field and then I let them run free, dragging their leashes behind them for easy grabbing access should anyone creep up on us.
The cop was pretty nice to us because there is no leash law in our town and it was clear that my trashy neighbors were being slightly hysterical. Plus, they way you behave says a lot about whether you are to be trusted and believed. And these people, even though they called the cops, were acting like assholes when talking to the cop. He had to tell them to shut up and stop interrupting him. He obviously felt bad for us having to deal with them. But he asked us if we could just put them on leashes to make them more comfortable and obviously we were not going to argue with him. But the woman kept repeating, "All's I'm sayin' is that my kids get bite, I'm gonna shoot them dogs. I'll kill em', I swear". Classy.

Oh, I go on and on. I have to steam clean my carpet, mop kitchen floor, vacuum, vacuum, vacuum. The bathroom needs a scrub, laundry must be done, and a dump run ta boot.

What am I doing just sitting here cyber-blabbing?!?

Until later, folks. Enjoy the crisp fall day ahead.


Sarcastic Bastard said...

I have to clean and do all that shit tomorrow.

The neighbours sound like total assholes. Lucky you.

Love you,


Jeannie said...

Gotta clean too. Don't have a clue how you'd keep seven leashes from being a tangled mess - 2 is bad enough. If your dogs are all tiny - what the hell is the woman bitching about? Geez.

VV is the shit

VV is the shit
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